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Judy Lynn DanielsJudy Lynn Daniels is a near full-time trans girl from Fargo. ND with an accepting and encouraging wife. She and I have been virtual friends now for more than 7 years. This is one of her stories from our TG Womans Yahoo Group which I’m repeating here as it demonstrates her continuing efforts to interact with her cis-gender community and the great success that Judy has in being accepted, Read for yourself.
I had a number of “firsts” for me this week which included giving myself my first full manicure, buying a new car, meeting with a new banker and attending an open house of a friend who has just moved back to the area. 
 My work week ended on Wednesday at noon and with the schedule my wife and I had for the next few days I knew it was now or never to do my nails. With 3 broken nails and a badly needed fill this was going to be a huge test of my nail skills. I’ve fixed plenty of broken nails and have done a few fills on my wife’s nails, but this would be my first time attempting to do a full fill on my own nails. With a lot of filing, shaping and buffing they looked pretty good, of course the true test would be to see what they looked like after applying the polish. I always start with a clear coat because that will give you a pretty good idea how good of a buffing job I did. With that looking good I proceeded with OPI”s I Got the Blues for Red, kind of a burgundy color. Not to toot my own horn, but I must say they looked pretty darn good when I was done. Even my wife was amazed at how good they looked.
2016_kia_sportageOver the last few weeks I’ve been scouring the internet looking for a vehicle comparable to our 2009 Kia Sportage which we have been driving since it was new. Wednesday night we drove through a couple dealerships where we found a few possibilities. We ended up falling in love with a white 2016 Kia Sportage with less than 15,000 miles on it and made plans to go for a test drive the next morning. Having freshly painted nails it was obvious it was time for Judy to buy her “first” car.
As luck would have it the first salesperson that approached us was a woman, something I had hoped for. Right from the start it was easy to see she had absolutely no issues with me, she even complimented me on my shoes and outfit. After a quick test drive we soon found ourselves sitting at her desk starting the “negotiations”, including getting the evaluation of our trade in. After a couple hours of back and forth the deal was made, but we decided to finance it through our bank because they gave us a better interest rate. We wrote out an earnest money check and made arrangements to pick up the car the next day.
Specks bar in Fargo NDThursday was also our 32nd Anniversary so we decided to go out for a few cocktails at Specks (a favorite Judy hangout) then go out for dinner at Mango’s, a Mexican restaurant just down the road. Of course the evening didn’t end there and as we managed to slip in a couple more cocktail stops on the way home. 
After getting home a lot later than usual, the next morning came fast. My wife had a couple of meetings to attend so she left while I grabbed about an hours more sleep. Once again, with freshly painted nails, it was Judy’s turn to meet the banker we had made our loan arrangements with. I decided to wear a nice dress as we would be meeting with the dealerships finance guy as well. Once again nobody seemed the least bit uneasy with me and it was business as usual. We wrote out the check, he handed us the keys and we were off to the bank
Judy and Tracy (wife)

Judy and Tracy (wife)

Of course up until now I had only talked to the banker over the phone so she had no idea what she was about to encounter. We checked in at the lobby desk and were instructed to take a seat in the waiting area and “Debbie” would be with us shortly. As we sat waiting another lady sat down as well as a gentlemen I’d say about in his 30’s. When “Debbie” appeared she was looking for a “Dan and Tracy” so immediately she addressed the gentlemen sitting with us. When I spoke up she didn’t even bat an eye, likewise through the signing of all the paperwork. In fact it was a very pleasant experience with her complimenting me on my turquoise jewelry and outfit as well. 

Now that all that was taken care of it was time to get our the cabin. Most weekends we drive separately, but since we would be returning to Fargo for a wedding late in the day Saturday we decided to ride together. Our transactions used up lunch time so we were both hungry. We ended up stopping in Detroit Lakes for a bite to eat. We hadn’t been to “The Bridge” for quite sometime so we made our way to this lakeside favorite.
Last winter the new owners did an extensive remodel doubling its sitting capacity and adding a second floor open air eating area. Again, no unwanted or weird looks from anyone in the place while we dined and sipped our drinks. It had been a busy couple days, so when we finally made it to the cabin we both immediately put on our jammies and relaxed for the rest of the day into the evening.
Saturday in these parts means “Game Day”, Bison football to be exact, so after some morning chores my wife and I got all prettied up for the wedding we would be attending later in the day and headed for Specks to watch the first half of the game. Bison fans are used to their team having the game in hand by half time and today was no exception. Although the Bison were only up 17-0 at half, we were confident that they had the win in the bag so we headed over to the wedding which started at 4:30. ( Final score 38-7)
The wedding was for the daughter of a couple I have known for nearly 40 years. We actually run into the daughter and her new husband while out and about more then we do her parents. Lissa is the 3rd child of this couple and is probably the one I’m closest too. She just loves seeing me when we’re out and she thinks its great that I live my life by my own rules. She even addressed our invitation to “Judy & Tracy, how cool is that ?  We stayed through the ceremony, the reception line and long enough to chat with other guests we knew, but were anxious to get to my old friends open house.
Judy and her Sundress group

Judy and her Sundress group

 “Linda’s” open house started at 4:30 so we knew we would be getting there towards the tail end of things. After driving back to the lake and stopping by our cabin to load the cooler we arrived shortly before 7:00. There were still a few guests around, so after a quick meet and greet, Linda gave us the 10 cent tour of her new home. It’s literally a 5 minute drive down the road from us so I just might have a good reason to finally buy a golf cart to make the trip between our places, lol. As usually the chatter flowed like cheap wine between the 2 of us.
Back in high school we spent a lot of time together as friends, I sure wish I would have had the nerve to come out to her back then, then again, it doesn’t seem to make much difference as she has totally embraced my womanhood and treats me no different than she ever has. 
The moral to this story is that I virtually had no problem navigating through the world as a woman during any of the events described above. Like I’ve always said, if you dress and act the part, you should get the respect you deserve.
 Judy Lynn

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  1. Hello Judy, I only joined today and already your lovely recounting of your time away has confirmed I have joined a group of likeminded ladies.
    I am now looking forward to (hopefully) being a worthy member of the group.

    Faye x

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