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If you are wondering what is personal branding photography and how to get professional photos taken that represent you in your most honest and best self, then this episode of the 7 Days to Amazing podcast is for you! This article is a reprint from the Sharon Haver  Focus on Style blog, Click on the link above to hear the podcast

personal branding photography with Carolyn White, photographer

Sharon first came across photographer Caroline White and her breathtaking photographs of real people back when she was in B-School and she was Marie Forleo’s photographer. Since then, it’s her infectious commentary on social media and abundance of beautiful photos of an impressive amount of women entrepreneurs that have continued to peek her interest.

Episode highlights of what you will learn with Caroline White on personal branding photography  for women  is below:

[00:00:26] Meet Caroline White on personal branding photography for women entrepreneurs.

[00:02:58] How Caroline was influenced by the photography in Life Magazine and her Great Aunt, legendary LIFE Magazine photographer Margaret Bourke-White.

[00:07:58] Capturing personality by creating a striking natural visual message when working with real people, not models or actors.

[00:09:17]  Subtleties: The importance of gesture and expression.

[00:10:33]  Hair/makeup and before and afters.

[00:13:24] The importance of the right light and how to find it.

[00:17:35]  The importance of being on brand when you’re not a fashion plate- style pitfalls to avoid.

[17:50]  Why trendy designer brands usually don’t photograph well.

[00:19:38]  What it takes to make simplicity look effortless like Martha Stewart’s photos.

[00:22:27] Why you have to leave the insecurities at the door when it’s photo time.

[00:24:04] How “fake it til you make it” is not a guarantee but it works really well

[00:24:40] Why Sharon doesn’t over prepare in advance but is confident in the right elements.

[00:27:10]  How to approach a photoshoot energetically like a first date or job interview.

[00:28:13]  How to beat the “why not me” complex.

[00:29:36]  Going with the play in photoshoots and have fun.

[00:30:18] Trusting the person on the other side of the camera.

[00:31:26]  Why it’s a mistake to go with a celebrity photographer when you’re not a celebrity.

[00:33:19]  Editing photos and post productions tricks, like retouching.

[33:25] Why facial expression and body language is more important than anything else in choosing the right photo.

[00:40:40]  How to practicing posing in a mirror at home

[40:40] Tips to find a photographer, make sure they’re a good fit, and prepare for the shoot.

[00:42:31]  Why should avoid the Headshot Nazi.

[00:43:45]  Have your picture taken in exotic places- Caroline’s photo retreats in Greece and Havana, Cuba.

[00:50:29]  The pitfalls of putting on blinders to what’s outside our little circles.

[53:00] How Caroline incorporates her interests into her work.

[00:55:37] The responsibility of being the face of your brand.

[56:30] Making professional connections is like dating.

[00:56:31]  How do you want to be remembered?

[00:57:08] Your fashion, your style, your influence.

[01:02:18]  The truth about getting your photo taken at an event as a thrown in bonus.

[01:05:08]  When you misrepresent your ability and brand.

[01:06:41] The mind boggling amount of crap out there.

[01:07:47]  The process to Brighten, sharpen and color correct photos.

[01:07:55]  How to make photos pop.

[01:09:01]  Fun is the main priority.

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