River City Gems Sparkle Gala-Marvelous Event

Hi Girls. This month I’m going to talk about the River City Gems Sparkle Gala I attended on October 8th.  The event is held by the Sacramento Gems every year and is definitely one you want to attend if able. They are friendly and plan their events extremely well.  A lot of volunteer work and love goes into it and you can tell when you’re there.

I arrived early on Wednesday prior to the Saturday event and attended a dinner planned by one of the Gems at El Torito in Sacramento, approx. 25 girls were present and all had a fabulous evening.  Friday we had a luncheon at Buca Di Beppos, also in Sacramento attended by 20 girls.  Friday evening, we went to Mangos which is a planned dinner for Sparkle attendees who wish to mingle prior to the gala.

These are pictures from El Torito, Buca Di Beppo and Mangos…all in Sacramento and all events held before Sparkle. The first photo id Diana Baker, DonnaKelli and Cindy Shelton, my dress with print skirt is from Venus and Jewelry is from Chico’s. Next picture at Mango’s taken with Kelli Perry (She’s a doll), my dress is from Dressbarn…yes Dressbarn and I got it on sale, my jewelry is Silver from Brighton’s, heels are 9 West platforms

pictures from River City Gems Sparkle event

A group picture from Buca Di Beppo luncheon , my dress is from Venus.com and the Jewelry is Silver from Brighton’s.   Next picture is the night of the Gala ready to leave my Hotel room.

pictures from River City Gems Sparkle event

Ladies at River City Gems Sparkle event

A picture seated next to one of the hotel grounds many beautiful fountains, a picture of Stephanie Wardlow, DonnaKelli and Diane Grace at the Sparkle gala.   Next is Diane Grace and myself posing on stage at Sparkle, we had many photo ops and too many to post here in my column…. many of the photos can be seen on my Facebook page (DonnaKelli), or on the River City Gems webpage

The week end was better than I could have hoped for, the Hotel staff was outstanding the Gems membership are friendly and gorgeous they make this a party to remember.  Many girls I met were out for the first time and you could see the exhilaration and genuine excitement on their faces they were glowing.

These pics are at the Gala having a little fun on the dance floor toward the end of the evening. We even did an impromptu “Charlies Angels” pose…. We may have to call it Sparkle Angels.

Ladies at River City Gems Sparkle event

Ladies at River City Gems Sparkle event

The last picture is Diane Grace, DonnaKelli, Stephanie Wardlow and seated is a very special lady Rita Doyle.  Rita is an icon for many of the younger girls and has helped many girls who otherwise would never have got out into the world.  It was an honor to meet her.

Sparkle was attended by 110 girls and offered the opportunity to meet many at the Hotel lounge in the days prior to the Gala ball.

I attended with several girlfriends and all said repeatedly that they will attend again, it is sad that this was the last year the event will be held at the Red Lion hotel it has so much character and ambience with the lake, fountains and park like grounds.  I hope and am certain the Gems will find another location for this event and we girls will make it special by attending in even bigger numbers   next year.

I intended to have a Tgirl friend of the month but my column is late and long, I also wanted to talk about girls getting out for the first time and not being prisoners of our own inner feelings.

Ironically the Sparkle event was themed about that this year…the Theme was “It’s about time” and their President Marla spoke about getting out in the world in her address to the attendees.  Girls it is our time and if you’re afraid or need help go to one of these events you’ll find many girls willing to help, we are all sisters.

I was given the idea of helping a girl who has not been out very long and doing a shopping trip and make over with her, sort of a before and after.  I’ll try and get that into my next column and she will be the Tgirl friend of the month.

If you like this column let me or Sister House know and always give your ideas or suggestions.  I want to help as many girls as possible and hope this column in some way is making it easier for new girls to find their way.

As always be safe out there girls. I’ll be back in November with the make over and hopefully more out and about in Palm Springs, I have several friends visiting in the coming weeks.

Warm Hugs


Sisterhouse Style Columnist


5 thoughts on “River City Gems Sparkle Gala-Marvelous Event

  1. Hi Donnakelli !
    Just wanted to let you know I love all your articles. I anxiously wait between articles, wondering what you will write about next. I envy how good you look and the way you just go out all the time. I am just starting to go out more, tho not nearly as out as you are. Keep the articles coming !

  2. Hi Donna! You are amazing! You are such a natural beautiful lady with so many lovely girlfriends who adore you! Your sense of style is the best! Whatever you wear looks fantastic and you can make any thing look incredibly lovely! I too share a lot of similarities with you about crossdressing but no one knows of Christina! I’ve been dressing since 4 years old and all in secrecy! Its tough to find the time to get dressed and be a girl. And what makes it worse is that I have over 1000 pairs of heels, just as many dresses, outfits and have purged twice also in my life but never again! I wish I had your life to be able to be who you are! Love everything about you and hope to meet one day soon…. kisses … Christina Cross

  3. The Sparkle weekend was outstanding and you being there made it even more special. Having the chance to meet so many of our internet friends in person was so exciting. Hopefully we can do the Friday luncheon again as the Buca’s staff loved us. See you again soon, Love, Carollyn

  4. As a fairly new VC girl I was eager to attend this event to once again be with the best sorority in the universe. And of course my expectations were exceeded not only by the Sparkle event but more importantly experiencing the unique bond we have in the Vanity Club. I will always be eternally thankful for my big sister Espy Lopez who sponsored me into the group, and I look forward to being a big sister to someone else someday. Donnakelli, Diane, Diana, Stephanie, Kari, Bonnie, Michelle, Colleen, Linda, Nola, and so many others have made such a positive impact on my life with their friendship, warmth, and inclusiveness, so thank you girls, y”all are the BEST!!

  5. Dear Donnakelli:
    I love your article about Sparkles Gala as I was one of the happy participants, and appreciate that you mention me in it. I truly enjoyed the gala too just as I’ve had in past events. You looked so glamorous and beautiful and must repeat that was a real pleasure to met you. Yes, the closing of the Red Lion Hotel as announced was bad news for those many of us who had such wonderful times there. But I feel optimistic that the Gems will find another venue to hold future gatherings where we can meet again.

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