Spend the Time to “Be Girly”!

There are those times when you only have time to get dressed, apply your make-up, and run out the door to experience what it is to be girly….are you ready?

You have to figure out which outfit you should wear, why you don’t have a blouse to match that cute skirt, or realize your last pair of nylons have runs in them.

Getting ready to look your best, whatever your plans, can be frustrating if you didn’t take the time to be girly at home!

Getting ready to take that next step, is a very important in understanding what it means to be girly!

Younger ladies spend hours and hours in their boudoirs, trying on different outfits, matching and coordinating their make-up and hair styles, giggling at what looks silly, and generally just having fun learning about what they have and what looks good…or silly.

This is how we need to approach our own desires to be girly, try on your clothes and get in front of that full length mirror!

 Candy spend time 1
It’s so much fun to learn about your own tastes and styles, about what you have and what you need, and it’s a test for yourself to understand a style or look your going for!

Besides finding your girly look, you determine the things you need, some things you could use to compliment your look and you learn what it takes to be the best girl you can be!

candy taking selfyDon’t be afraid to take pictures and text or post up on your favorite forum to get feedback from like minded friends, often you get a tip to finish or enhance your look, after all, that is what real girly girls do!

I often spend hours in front of the mirror, with a camera, trying on outfits, using my jewelry to enhance and coordinate, and present a artful canvas, that makes me happy.

I find not only will you get your look, but your girly frame of mind tends to also advance into a a delightful glee, enhanced mannerisms, and trains your body into feminine poses you can use when that next step presents itself….your going to be so girly, so ready!

So, taking that time, at home, before that next step, is a very important part of what it means to be a girly girl.

This exercise in femininity can be such a positive experience, your frame of mind will glow, allowing you to be a more bubbly, silly, and somewhat flirty, enhancing that girly version of yourself that can only enhance your presentation.

candy in front of mirrorYou’re going to amaze yourself self and soon you will be acting, behaving, and doing things that will make you feel like the girly girl you are!

Before you take that next step, take that time to get into that girly frame of mind, soul and spirit, you’ll be dancing like me!

4 thoughts on “Spend the Time to “Be Girly”!

  1. You are spot on girl. I’ve always worn bras and panties but recently started shopping for myself and trying out make ups and lipsticks. My confidence has shot up since I have really put in the time to look girly and duplicate how I feel inside. I have since told my wife and even worn panties to bed with her. I also have started applying some mascara when going in public. I know these are baby steps but I feel so much better than before. Great article and have a Merry Christmas.

  2. I just love playing “girl”. I dress pretty often. I have two gg’s who know and help me. They treat me like their little sister. It is so much fun to be “dressed” by them, although I do pass and dress on my own as often as possible. It is fun when they ask me to show them what lingerie I’m wearing. Can you imagine, a guy, standing in front of one or two women showing off “his” panties and bra. That sounds so cool, “his”, although I wish I was a “her”, like most of us do. I do my own makeup and hair, although I love it going out with the “girls”. Most of the time, we meet at one of our houses and we all help each other. So much fun. The ladies room is no problem for me. I love that sanctuary of “femininity”. Contact me. Rjb7839@aol,com. GN

  3. Dressing up and being brave about going out is definitely a confidence builder!
    The more practice being a girly-girl, the easier it becomes. 🙂

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