The Stepford Life

If you ever got a chance to see the movie “The Stepford Wifes!” you’ll get an idea where I am going with this.

Being used by your spouse, isn’t very fun, but if you think of the lifestyle, it isn’t so bad for those who want to portray a feminine persona.

stepford wives
There are those times I so want to live the Stepford life! What girly girl wouldn’t?
I understand all those negative connotations about stereotypes, liberation, and equal rights.
Let’s turn the tables to allow your feminine ways, an expressive way to be girly!

Donne your favorite apron, a cute summer dress and heels…oh heck, let get all dolled up so we can make jello salad, party punch, and horderves for the house guests you and your spouse have invited tonight for a social evening, in the parlor!

Candy with cak
Most of us would love to get up early, soak in a warm tub of lavender bath oil beads.
Dry off in softened snuggly bath towels, and sashay into our boudoir, as luxurious satiny lingerie, sexy pastel dresses, stylish curly wigs, colorful cosmetics, and flowery perfume, are at are beck and call, ready to use!

Slipping into luxurious silky, contouring, and enhancing unmentionables…”Oh my!”
Gliding nylons, clipping, hooking, and adjusting yourself into a feminine form. Pick-ing out a favorite dress and allowing your dearest to zip you up from behind while ca-ressing your curvy form! Oui LaLa!
Yes, girls…the Stepford life …just thinking about the total girlyness of it all, perks me up! I get so gitty just thinking about it!

There I am in the kitchen, garters straining and tugging my nylons, as I bend over to fill the dishwasher, or in the parlor, my blouse button straining as I pick up those slippers and newspaper, and spilling out of my brasserie in the process.

In these positions, wearing high heel pumps makes my behind curvy, as the slit in my skirt parts, showing peeks of lace from a virgin white slip.

The Stepford life allows me to vacuum in a back and forth motion, on the hallway carpet runner, my girdle keeps the cord from catching and runs past a slim tummy.
Long eyelashes keep the dust from entering my seductive cat like eyes.
When the bell rings, I greet the mailman in a perky fashion, and seductively know, no package or letter can hold back the folds and all that is contained inside, when I us my long feminine painted nails on my fingers, to open them.

stepford wife

The Stepford life allows me to drive a pink luxury car and every time I open the door, hints of my favorite perfume tickles my nose.

Sliding out of the seat, with my door wide open, makes me giggle to see my skirt slide up to show the lace tops of my thigh high nylons.

Shopping is another benefit as it is my job to buy the nicest things for my spouse and myself, high end purses, pretty shoes, and all the sexiest lingerie my heart desires!

Yes girls’, being a Stepford Wife has its drawbacks, but living a “Stepford Life” has its perks!
So next time your spouse asks you to empty the dishwasher, do the laundry, or mop the kitchen floor….think about doing it in the most feminine way possible for your situation.

Present yourself as a confident, beautiful and perky individual, with a wink that will seduce.
It may spark a interest in your loved one and allow you to continue to feel glamorous, gorgeous, and alluring to everyone you meet!

I think I’ll wear my silky leopard print scrunch blouse a darling necklace, my tallest high heel pumps…to clean the parlor today!

How do I look??? *wink*


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  1. Love the Stepford life, it’s so how we girl’s feel and love being. From one Polish girl to another have fun. Sto lat

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