My Feminine Self

Lets face it, image matters.  People make judgments based on what they see. How we present ourselves sends a powerful message to the rest the world. Are you ready for your image to match with the woman you are inside?

Your Dream, Your Realty

Your appearance, your mannerisms, and your voice are all part of who you are. Whether you are size 2 or 22, whether you are age 18 or 78, we help you create the person that the world sees as “woman”.

As your femininity coach, it is our job to reveal to you who you’ve always been, to help you gain confidence and provide the tools you need to become your best self.

We offer femininity coaching for the full spectrum of the transgender community; for those who find fulfillment from cross-dressing to those in transition and post transition and the gender fluid. But whether you prefer the glam look or the soccer Mom, we prepare you for the real world of women. We teach you how to prepare, present, and carry yourself to blend in with other women in public or, if you prefer, to stand out as one of those 10% .of women that are truly stylish and well put together.

You may be surprised to learn that it’s tough for real women to dress well too. If you read the fashion blogs, they typically ask for help on these issues:

  • some sort of body shape issue to hide, such as no waist, a large bust, a muffin top, middle-age spread, bottom heavy, or being short (we really are very critical of ourselves!)
  • stress when working out outfits, both for every day and especially for special events
  • how to dress younger, yet still be age appropriate?
  • how to be more stylish – contemporary yet not ‘too try-hard’?
  • many questions about what style of tops, dresses etc would suit
  • trouble finding suitable clothing for their age and shape

Then add that most of us are stuck with broader shoulders, minimal waistlines, and flat butts. Can we still look— and feel — femme?  And yes! It’s all about perception. Choosing the right outfits and accessories is just the first step but an important one. You can fix the worst of these mistakes by adding Tasi’s book on The Top Ten Fashion Mistakes by Crossdressers and How To Fix Them to your library.

Add these issues to learning comportment and voice and you have some real challenges before you. Yes, there is a lot of style advice available on line. However, even if the information is correct, it can be challenging to work out how to apply it to yourself without some professional, objective help.

Our advantage is that our coaches are transwomen themselves. We understand the vagaries of transforming the male body into a feminine one in presentation, speech and movement. Being female is not an automatic pass to being feminine. It’s a learned process even for females Our coaches are style icons in every sense and totally passable in the world of women. They are role models for all women.

Vikki and Donna are well known to you as they have taught the feminine arts for many years. Now they are available to a much larger audience through Sister House, either online or through face-to-face consultations. We will take you to a land beyond your imagination and yes, maybe even walk on the wild side for just a bit.

Here is the process:

  1. Review the Services and decide on your needs
  2. Complete the Questionaire
  3. .Select your Coach and schedule your appointment
  4. Prepay the Services
  5. Attend your coaching session
  6. Provide feedback on your experience

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