feminine attitude

Femininity is more than image, it’s in a large part, attitude. Our comportment lessons span many topics from the basics of walking, sitting, how to enter a room, getting in and out of a car, how to go up and down stairs gracefully, and the whole range of feminine gestures that set you apart, not just as a women but as a lady. You’ll learn feminine communication styles and how to keep your body language open, all part of feminine etiquette. And most importantly, you’ll leave knowing how to walk in those high heels you so adore

As a transgender woman, if you do not want people to stare at you every time you saunter into a room, then you have to buckle down and train your body movements to mirror those of a female. At times, women don’t walk; they gracefully slide. Women don’t take a seat by dropping into a chair; they gently sit down. Women don’t sit down with their legs apart; the legs have to be neatly closed together.

To know (and to know that you know) the right thing to do, the right thing to say, and the right thing to wear, develops feminine poise, grace, self-assurance and self-confidence that overcomes all nervousness and self-consciousness.

One-on-one comportment lessons with Vikki or Donnakelli will expand your understanding of the subtle nuances in feminine behavior, and help you exude femininity both physically and socially..Learn grace and elegant style plus the differences between feminine and masculine posture that will help you look more like a woman even from across the room. Written instructions provided to help with your future practice.  Lessons are available both online and in-person.