worst to best makeup

Worst to Best

Fashion Mistake No. 5 – Too Much Makeup. Let’s face it, when you are growing up and greeted by a palette of eye shadow, the first temptation is to do a dash of this color and a smudge of that one, and then round it off with big black eyeliner and a bucket of blush.

This holds true for beginning trans women or crossdresser and even those with a bit more experience. That’s great if it is Halloween, but for most other days of the year, you will come across as a beauty amateur. That was the same for me in the early stages of my development. We need to be a little more prudent in what makeup we use and how we apply it.

Then I learned that earth tones are your friend. And it helped me blend in and not stand out. So that meant going easy on the glitter and opting for more neutral tones. I preferred to be  inconspicuous. That changed later as I became comfortable with my skills and wanted to be a style standout.

Often we charge off to the local department store or beauty salon for a makeover and even though I was generally pleased with the results of my such efforts, I did not know how much better it could be. These ladies are not trained to deal with the male face.

Then of course there are the endless You Tube videos, but somehow the results were not the same as I saw on the small screen because it was someone else’s face, not mine.

Our coaches will demonstrate how the wonderful world of makeup can transform your face with all its own peculiarities and help you pick the type of makeup (minerals. liquids, creams) and colors that work best for you and reflect the changes that aging causes.

Before and after male to female_

Makeup can transform you but you need the help of a professional to achieve satisfying and lasting results. Our coaches will guide you to that end result.

Makeup consultation covers recommendations on products to use, tips and techniques for a more feminine look, instructions customized to your personal needs and makeup application. Client must provide makeup or consultant will assist you in purchasing affordable local products to fit your pocketbook.