Donnakelli shopping with friend

Let’s go shopping! We’re all about making your shopping experience fun and not stressful. Whatever your fashion preferences, Vikki or Donnakelli are there to help you make good choices.

Whether a specialty store or a department store or even a consignment shop, we know where to shop to find that special piece to complete an ensemble or where  to find those pieces  to fill out your  first wardrobe. You get the advice of a girl with style that knows about shape, color, pattern and texture to give you that feminine silhouette. And if you love lingerie, you’ve come to the experts.

As you step into a favorite boutique, you’ll be greeted by a trans-friendly salesgirl whose only job is to make you beautiful in clothes that compliment your body shape and bring out your personality and inner beauty. You will be pampered. An hour glass figure may be desirable, but you do need to manage your expectations of what clothing and undergarments can do to actually achieve this goal. It’s all about balancing your current body shape and creating the illusion of more womanly curves

You’ll leave your appointment feeling more confident in the fashion decisions you’re making with the assurance that you now have your own personal image consultant. whose job is to help you become that girl in your inner self

 girls shopping