female wardrobe

Nicola Jane Chase in her memoir, Tea and Transition, said “style, beauty, and fashion can be intimidating for any transgender woman. It took me much trial and error to find the right appearance that I felt good in and that others seemed to like too” You can spend hours experimenting and still be disheartened trying to find that right look. Sure, it’s all part of being a women, but why not cut to the quick and learn from our experts

There’s endless advice on how to build your wardrobe from  wardrobe basics to updating with current fashions. If you have been caught in that cycle of purging, then you certainly understand the frustration of buying a new wardrobe, especially one that fits a male body with its often wide shoulders, minimal waistlines and flat butt and maybe even a bit of tummy. Then trying to understand sizing in women’s clothes or trying to find a size 13 (or larger) pump in anything but black can have you going back to jeans and a sweat shirt (ughhhh). The problems are endless.

And you probably are not a fashionista either with a sense of style on what goes together. I took my stash of clothes with me when I ,had my only transformation lesson many years ago and Brenda (my coach) threw out most of what I had for a whole variety of reasons. God! I must have looked awful.

Several years later I found a seamstress who went shopping with me and what a difference to have another women’s guidance and one that understood fit, the basic element to good style. Look at any online video of crossdressers, especially those boy dresses as girl videos and 90% of them are wearing bodycon dresses or super tight skirts. We have yet to learn the difference between fitted clothes and tight-fitting ones. Unless you’re a movie star or runway model, you’ll not find the average women dressed this way.

Vikki, with her petite stature, can pull off this glam look, but then brings in many more elements of style  to complete the look. Donnakelli rocks the fitted sheath dress in her “Weather Girl” look. If you are a larger girl. check out Steffie Michaels in her empire style dresses and remember, you need to dress for the body you have, not what the magic mirror says to you.

As you might expect, half of the top ten fashion mistakes by crossdressers are clothing related. It was interesting to note that observations by a crossdresser’s wife 5 years after my book was published reflect the same mistakes being made. The obvious conclusion is that we still need help.

So join with Vikki, Donnakelli, or Kandi and let them walk you through your wardrobe. Find what works and doesn’t work and how to pair your pieces together in new and interesting ways.

Learn what works for your body shape and how to dress to flatter your best assets and minimize your flaws. You’ll learn how to dress for day to night or for that special occasion with advice on those needed items to build a capsule wardrobe. We’ll take your measurements and help you decipher women’s sizing. You’ll walk away with the secrets to being a “put-together” woman with the confidence that you can and will blend-in in a women’s world

Learn which wigs or hairstyles will flatter you. Bring photos of yourself in different outfits and hairstyles to this session for an evaluation and personal recommendations that will breath new life into your over all look and make you feel younger and sexier.

If you don’t know which colors flatter your skin tone, accentuate your eye color or look most natural for your hair, we’ll help you there.

Check out all the looks on our Pintererst pages, create your own Lookbook and then take our coaches shopping with you.