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5-28     I love polka dots and since I do, I’m sharing some of my favorite street looks, some outfit ideas, tips on wearing polka dots and some ideas on keeping them modern and sophisticated. Check them out in Polka Dots: the Classic but Fun Look on TG Forum.

5-21     I have some fantastic outfits that I couldn’t find in the brick and mortar stores and at a ridiculous cheap price which is Why I Love Ebay.  See the outfits and learn a few shopping secrets and if you haven’t shopped Ebay before (or in the last 12 months), then here’s a $10 off coupon.

5-17     Welcoming back Terri Lee Ryan after a long absence and, as usual, she’s raising some challenging questions in Should Crossdressers Be Part of the Q in LGBTQ? in Viewpoints in the Family Room.. And I’ve added some commentary just to make it a bit more interesting.

5-16    Shopping is a major pastime for those of us that love fashion and enjoy getting out to the malls by ourselves or with friends, so these shopping tips for online and in-store shopping on Tasi’s blog will be most useful.

The retail sector or what and where you buy your clothes is being effected by a changing economy. Three factors are driving this change:: online shopping, too many malls, and changing buying habits. Learn what the future holds for you because change is upon us. Find out which stores are closing.

14 Surprising Women;s Clothing Stores That Carry Plus Sizes in the Fashion News in the Dressing Room.

5-12      Casual Dress Is Not Sloppy Dress is Tasi’s latest take on the state of American fashion. Her recent trip to the American Midwest confirms that women on the street have lost all sense of style. Don’t be one of them

Now don’t miss Tasi’s latest article on TG Forum. How To Wear Black and White. the chic alternative to the LBD and all things black

4-15   In case you missed it, Tasi talks about How To Make Floral Prints Work For You on TG Forum. If you love that spring look, here’s everything you need to know.

3-15     Dana and I celebrated her 66th Birthday Bash on Tasi’s blog and what fun we had. Two days dressed is rare for both of us, but thanks to Dana’s wife, Kiki, it was a special time for us.

3-05     We may see women we feel are over painted or gaudily attired but they did their makeup that way or chose those clothes for a reason. Perhaps one that they’re not even consciously aware of. Tasi reminds us on TG Forum that Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

2-24    Ever wondered about your looks if you lived in another decade. Then you’ll enjoy these looks from past decades from High School to the everyday look to high glam. Check it out in the Playroom

2-19     Is there a full proof way to dress your body? If you want the clothes you wear to flatter your body, then yes, however, whatever style you prefer or trend that you love, not every style or trend is for everyone as it may not look right on your body. You need to embrace your silhouette, rather than work against it as we learn on the fool proof way to dress your body on Tasi’s blog

2-14     Every woman should own a bright red dress. The color red says ‘look at me!’ and ‘yes, I can’ or maybe even ‘yes I will.’ The color red sparks in us an enthusiasm and energy that increases the heartbeat and protects us from stress and fear.  And it’s Valentine’s Day. What color would you wear but red as we look at the Iconic Red Dress on Tasi’s blog

2-4     Today, we bring you a  very special Stylish Crossdresser, Christina Napoli, who is also an aficionado of the 1950’s fashion era. Her grasp of this “Golden Age of Fashion” is truly astounding. Nora Simone was able to capture this special interview with Christina who shows us 50s fashions from the casual to the glamorous look.

1-31     Do Crossdressers Really Exist, a challenging expose of the counseling/therapy industry by Rhonda will keep you riveted and hopefully energized to help change the future. On Tasi’s blog.

1-29     Living in the tropics the sleeveless dress is the dress most often of choice, but for many women, it’s not the flattering silhouette that they want. The Sleeveless Dress…To Be Or Not To Be laments over the dirth of dresses with sleeves. Here’s why and where you can find them.

1-22     Nadine Feil is a very stylish German crossdresser and in this blog post, One Piece – Many Looks, she aptly demonstrates just how to transform a few essential pieces, like a cardigan and a blazer, into many really great street style looks in Putting It Together in the Dressing Room

1-14     Photography for the trans girl is always a riveting subject and our latest contribution is Taking Better Selfies, a consolidation of tips from Stana of Femulate blog and Imogen Lamport of Insideoutstyle blog in the Lounge.

Another wonderful story from Kandi in the Dressing Room. There’s nothing quite as special as A Jazzy Evening as Kandi talks about her special dress and special evening when attending the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra

1-12  A fashion exhibit is both fun and fascinating and you’ll want to see this one if you live in the UK.  The Photographers’ Gallery presents Under Cover: A Secret History of Cross-Dressers, a  rare selection of discovered, largely anonymous, photographs of men and women posing for the camera, using the apparel and gestures traditionally assigned to the ‘opposite sex’

Jen H wrote this piece for Crossdresser Heaven called A Perspective From The Other Side, a typical story of discovery and why it’s OK to have those strange feelings, even many years after discovery. We’ve included it in our section under Transgender Resources (Library) on The Wives Speak Out

Thomas (Dana) Bevin’s recent book (published 2015), on the Psychobiology of Transsexualism and Transgenderism delves into the science of transgenderism. It’s a complex tomb so this review of the book by Pat is a good summary of its contents

1-07     Winter brings us the versatile and stylish sweater dress. Even those of us on the high side of fifty can work this look  and no matter what your age you will love the soft feel of your sweater dress and appreciate how it makes you look great while it keeps you toasty warm. Read Your Sweater Dress…A Winter Delight on TG Forum

Shoes are a girl’s favorite accessory and our section in the Library on All About Shoes tells us all we need to know. Now we’ve added to it with comments from Imogen from Insideout style blog on shoe personality, color, level of refinement, interest and extra leg length. Don’t miss this fun article.

Eloquii, a favorite fashion forward plus-size retailer, is expanding their retail line to include sizes 26/28 and 30/32 by Fall. 2018. Get all the details in Fashion News

1-02     Tasi talks about the “Forgiving Dress” which is quite popular here in the tropics because they are flowy and breezy with good movement necessary for comfort in hot climates. A beautiful print with some lace or ruffles, some fabulous sandals or wedgies,  and a little bit of bling and you have summer glam and a whole lot of sex appeal

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