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12-31     Terri Lee Ryan’s message in New Beginnings for the Transgender Community in Shades Of Gender, Chicago Now is important for our community

12-28     No item of clothing is more attractive to the average crossdresser than the bra. Learn more about the bra here and see how the bra has changed from one fashion era to another.

12-23     You will be amazed by these Confessions of a Cross-dresser’s Wife.  Terri Lee Ryan once again takes us inside the thinking processes of our wives and special others.

12-21    A lesbian relationship between cross-dressers and their wives continues to be a major issue in their marriage as they attempt to achieve a balance in their relationship. A lesbian relationship does not work for the wife and endangers the marriage. Understand why in I Am Not a Lesbian.

The List of Best Cities for Crossdressers has been updated for 2015 results on Tasi’s blog

12-18     Another exciting interview with a Stylish Crossdresser. Meet Cheri Amor. Her many photos and videos will keep you entranced for hours.

12-14      The Iconic Red Dress is still sexy and alluring as Tasi tells us how to chose and wear this dress for all seasons on TG Forum.

As we grow older, our skin wrinkles and our tummy protrudes a little more, it’s important to understand Fashion for the Maturing Woman, which you can read about on Tasi’s blog. This article was originally published in Repartee

And some new hilarious Womanless Beauty Pageants

12-08    Can you be fashionable after 60? Definitely yes. Despite the ravages of aging, your sense of style gets better and more refined as you grow older. One of the biggest myths about older women is that we no longer care about how we look.What nonsense! Some of the most fashionable people I know are women over 60. Find out here.

12-06     Don’t know the difference between a shirt dress and an a-line skirt or what a kitten heel is to a wedge shoe. It’s all there in our Fashion Glossary with silhouettes and explanations. Go shopping with this knowledge and you’ll be the bell of the store and boy! will you get service.

12-05     The 12 part video series on Transgender Life has now been added to our transgender Documentaries under All About Transgenderism in the Library. Each video runs at least 30 minutes.

12-04     We had quite a response to Nadine’s article on the Benefits of Belts, so I decided to dig further for useful information. The result is a new folder in our About Fashion section on  All About Belts. It’s comprehensive and hopefully useful to you in creating that belted look for ladies of all sizes and silhouettes.

And we added the story of the 2500 year old crossdresser to our section on All About Transgenderism.

12-02     Lori tells us about teenage hair styles in this long-running story about “On Being a Girl” in the Family Room.

It’s the Christmas season and we have the Thrill of Shopping from Tasi’s blog. For some, it’s fun and for others, not. Enjoy the many varied experiences of genetic woman…see how they relate to you. And be sure to check out the Sister House stores.

The most fashionable museum exhibitions from around the world will delight you and give you an appreciation of the clothes you wear today. From fashion of the 70s, denim fashion, great names in fashion and the art of the high heeled shoe, you will be delighted by these exhibitions on Tasi’s blog.

11-28     One of my favorite gifts during this holiday season is a crossdressing comedy video….visit our Comedy Theater for a review of the most popular comedies of all times and catch a preview video.

Our resident cop, Teri Lynn, updates us on transgender security issues, both physical safety and online security

11-22     The other woman becomes an obsession to the wife married to a crossdresser and is often the final blow to marriage. Terri Lee Ryan explains this situation. Is it a no-win or are there alternatives?

11-19     I’ve always believed that to be a woman, you must understand them and read at least one serious piece about feminism a month. So here is a valuable and amazing contribution to your knowledge as Miqqi Gilbert talks about the feminist crossdresser. Not to be missed

11-18    The focus of this website is fashion for the transgender woman which some may think is frivolous, however Miqqi Gilbert addresses just this subject for crossdressers in the Power of Clothing in the Dressing Room.

11-16     What’s a Car Wash Skirt?  Something you wear to wash your car? Well, not quite, but it is a hot new trend that flounces around your legs and exposes them as you walk. They can be daring, and demure, Read about on TG Forum.

And if you are young enough to remember comic books, here’s a review of transgender characters in comic books in our Comedy Theater..

11-15     Just a Crossdresser, a piece by Miqqi Gilbert of Toronto, Canada, has been added to our Library transgender resource page under All About Crossdressing. Miqqi talks to the reasons the LGBT community is sometimes dismissive of crossdressers. You might enjoy many of the other excellent articles on her blog too.

Check out the addition of transgender documentaries to our Library section  on All About Transvestism.

11-14     Check out our new board on Pinterest, “Fun and Flirty“.  As you might expect, lots of short styles. You can really dream now or if the shopping bug bites you, try our stores.

Knowing your skirt silhouette (and the terminology) helps you choose the skirts that best flatter your figure. Learn the basics in the Library in All About Skirts.  But wait, there’s more. Knowing how to choose just the right shoe for your skirt length will give you that sleek and chic silhouette.

Knowing how to create an outfit is probably one of the more difficult tasks for any crossdresser or transgender woman but Ann Reintein shows us how to do it in 9 easy steps. Learn her easy to follow process in our Library How To section.

From a valued reader, Caty Ryan, about the Seahorse Society’s (Australia) annual crossdressers ball; a story and a recording.

11-13     Nadine is back with a blueprint for developing your own personal style in “Putting It Together” in the Dressing Room. If you ever needed help, here it is. Be sure to follow Nadine on her blog too.

Nadine is also a guest poster on one of my favorite style blogs, Already Pretty, by Sally McGraw in Minneapolis. You can read Nadine’s article here on defining gender

11-10     The plus-size fashion myth has been all about shape – not any longer. This is good news for crossdressers. We explode the fashion myths for plus-size women who are now some of the most stylish women in the fashion world. And we look at some the new year fashion trends with Aleisha. All on Tasi’s blog.

11-07     These shopping secrets will help you whether buying online at a big box store or a custom clothier and you will get great style at bargain prices. And your Sister House “measurements template” puts you in the driver’s seat when shopping.

11-06     Tasi tells us why Eyebrows Make a Difference on her blog along with tips on how to create the best eyebrow look for you. They are critical to emotional expression, as well as facial recognition and determining your femininity.

Shopping with Gina is a tale of an experienced trans women with advice for those beginning shoppers and in general just going anywhere as your feminine self. Read Gina’s tale in “Out and About” in the Lounge.

How to get fuller, more feminine lips by Lucille Sorella was added to Beginning Tips for Crossdressers

How to find your perfect hem length is based on the Golden Ratio which is a magic number used to create a balanced and harmonious appearance such as is found in nature. Follow the guidelines in the Library How To section to achieve that perfect look in your dresses and skirts.

There’s nothing quite as glamorous as those 50’s Pin Up Girls in Tasi’s blog

10-28     What I Wish I Knew, a book about coming out and living life authentically. In the summer of 2015, hundreds of transgender women from around the world shared their most valuable insights, lessons and tips for the smoothest and most joyful transition possible. Here’s what they said. The book is downloadable from All About Transvestism in the Library. And just a note…Tasi’s fashion advice is in the book.

10-21      You need to keep your girly things  freshly clean so we have developed this easy to read compendium on How To Launder Your Girly Things. All the secrets in one place. Bookmark it for easy reference now and always know what needs to be done. Part of good style is clean and stain free clothing.

We have expanded our article on Explaining Transgenderism to Kids. If you have children in your family, these helpful tips may make a large difference in your family relationships. In the Library under “Transgender Resources”

10-19      An EXCITING NEW WEEK starting with an article by Tasi on Fringe Fashion on TG Forum. Fringe is everywhere and it’s not just western wear. I love the fringe on my statement handbag so join the trend that’s going to be around for a while.

Developing your sense of style is one of the biggest challenges trans women face, especially early in their public life. Learning about fashion and clothing choices and figuring out what styles work best for you is no easy task until now. The answers are in “Putting It Together (Dressing Room) in Developing Your Trans Sense of Style. This is a comprehensive series so take your time to read and keep coming back for more.


Tales of a Travelling Tranny is the story of Tricia Riley, a “mature aged” crossdresser, living in Victoria, Australia. The term “tranny”is common  in Australia. If you want to be amazed and amused, Tricia’s tales are all that and more. I am pleased to introduce Tricia and I hope you enjoy her stories as much as I did.

Terri Lee Ryan is not only an author on Sister House but a producer of TV documentaries and her first UK film, Forbidden Love: I Married a Crossdresser is now available on YouTube through Sister House. This is a “Must Watch” film

10-17     Transgender women and the issues that affect them have never been more visible. But life can be difficult for over-60s for those that transition and those that do not. Read this interesting perspective from the BBC magazine with commentary by Tasi in the challenges of being transgender and over 60 in “Femme d’Certain Age” in the Dressing Room

10-16     Claire Stafford, our author from Australia, has gone through some recent life experience changes and her story reads all to real to many of us. Read “Beyond Purging” in our Guest Columnist section of the Dressing Room.

10-15     Check out our library of over 50 great Crossdressing Tips for Beginners from artists like Vera Wylde, Wicked Wanda, the SXYCDGIRL, and Lucille Sorella. All the tips all in one place.

10-07     The Savvy Shopper is back with a great article on Shopping Online and Avoiding Returns. If this has been a problem for you, then heed this sound advice.

10-06     Our section on “All About Transgenderism” has been expanded to include the 10 Most Common Myths About Transgenderism, something to keep in mind when explaining this phenoma to cis-gender people.

Helping the wife, loved ones, and friends understand crossdressing has been added to our section on The Wives Speak Out in the library. It is both comprehensive and emotionally heart-wrenching, but also all too true. It’s a balanced view that could be a lifesaver

10-05     Traveling EnFemme can be a fun experience but TSA can also be frustrating. We have moved our travel section to “Transgender Resources” and updated our advice with an interesting article from the Advocate on  7 Things to Do When Traveling While Trans.  TSA has temporarily deleted their page on transgender travelers but we have left the link in hopes it will soon be reinstated.

10-03     Join me as Tasi talks about the Fall Fashion Trends that will speak to you on her blog…car wash skirts, long Victorian-style dresses and fringe are among those new trends that are hot today and will likely transcend many seasons.

10-01     Lori talks about her Use of Scents “In Being a Girl” in the Family Room. See how she experimented. What’s your favorite scent?

If you thought transgenderism was a new phenoma, you’d be wrong. It dates back as far as 7000 B.C. We’ve added the history of transgenderism to our All About Transgenderism in the Library resources. It’s broken into six parts for easy reading.

09-21     Our list of TG-friendly professionals was updated to include a finder function and recommended therapists.

09-20      See the latest womanless beauty pageant in the Comedy Theater

09-17     Being a girly girl, when you can…”and you know you want to”, is a experience everyone should be able to enjoy…because it is a wonderful way to be! Candy helps us live the experience in “Are you a girly girl inside?”

09-16     Our guide to tucking was updated with a rather graphic video from  Delia Melody, a trans woman from Pensacola FL. Check out all our How Tos in the Library

09-14     When Patti Burch said she coming to Merida and bringing four friends, I was in a high state of anticipation and I was not disappointed. Read about my week in Merida with Patti and friends on Tasi’s blog.

09-10     Nadine talks about uncovering our arms in the Right to Bare Arms in the Dressing Room. If you ever had fears, then read Nadine’s article.

09-01     It’s here, Voice Feminization by Nina. The most incredible voice coach you will ever meet. Sign up for your free voice lesson, then take advantage of the special Sister House discount rates for either individual or group lessons. This offer is not available anywhere else.

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