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Introducing Michelle Popkov who will be writing fashion articles for tall girls as well as general articles of interest. Just published her  interview of the famous female impersonator, David de Alba.  David is best known for his impersonations of Judy Garland at the once famous Finocchio Club in San Francisco and you’ll enjoy the two videos of his performances. Michelle’s visit to the Pink Punters Club in the UK is also a fun read

Introducing Nora Simone who will write fashion articles for the not so skinny girl as well as providing some timely and fascinating viewpoints for our trans community.  But beyond that, welcome Nora as our most recent Stylish Crossdresser in the Dressing Room. This is one of the most amazing interviews to date and you’ll not want to miss all she has to say about creating great style.

Looks Women Love, our newest fashion section in the Dressing Room

Introducing Looks Women Love, .The women we admire or  love all have their favorite looks and many search Pinterest for the perfect look for them, then save the look for future use. See the looks that women love on Sister House. It’s better than going to the mall.    New looks added Dec

12-30     Looking forward to the new year, Dr Sherman Leis talks about the trends that will affect the transgender community in 2017. We also look back on what happened in 2016 and have a few guesses what will happen under President-Elect Trump, all in Tasi’s Blog.

12-26     Vera Wylde returns in an interesting crossdessing video session by Dear Vera on “Do You Make People Uncomfortable”  in All About Crossdressing in the Library. See more of Vera’s videos on crossdressing subjects here.

Live in the Midwest, then good Fashion News is here.  Midwest retailed Meijer is beating out all other brands and companies with this huge commitment. They have pledged to ensure plus sizes up to a size 3X are part of every clothing selection in all 230 of their stores across America by early 2017 with NO CHANGE in pricing for plus size clothes.

12-20     The DC Area Trans Ladies Community Special Ladies’ December Holiday Party is a fabulous event of the year and Nora Simone brings us her thoughts on preparing for the event from a style and fashion point of view in Putting It Together in the Dressing Room. Read her “Behind the Scene” secrets for choosing her outfit and accessories….a good primer for us all.

12-12     Here’s a great hint for brightening up your hemline that adds a bit of length to your skirts. It’s called a skirt extender and it can be lace, tulle, or chiffon. Read Tasi’s latest article on TG Forum called A Skirt Extender – A New Way To Create Style. 

12-08     The 2015 Transgender Survey results are here. Live broadcast today

11-22    I’m told fashion is different from coast to coast so let’s look at southern California fashion. Donnakelli and her girlfriends take us on a tour of some really great places in Palm Springs and treat us to a fashion show along the way.

11-21    Terri Lee Ryan is back with tips on How To Save Your Marriage When You Dress In Public, an increasingly new phenomena in the crossdressing community. As more cross-dressers are coming out of the shadows and dressing in public, their marriages are becoming increasingly more stressful. Terri Lee’s take on how to achieve balance in your spousal relationship is an important new contribution to the literature on this subject. Only on Sister House in the Family Room.

11-15    It’s time for a return to elegance in fashion. Casual Friday has lead to a landslide of sweat pants, workout clothes and other less than elegant attire being seen on the streets and in the malls. But can you be feminine and elegant and still be comfortable? True elegance commands a room and lets people know you are a woman to be reckoned with and we show you how in this TG Forum article.

11-04    It’s that time of year again, the Christmas shopping season and whether you shop in the stores or shop online, we have some great tips, maybe even some secrets, on how to make it a pleasurable experience. .

We know this sounds silly, but have you ever gone shopping and after the first store realized that you’re tired of trying things on?. Not only do you have to have a plan for where you’re going and what you want, but you also need to be prepared with what you’ve got on. Follow our simple hints and you’ll be a shopping professional in no time.

Do you shop for clothes online because it can present some unique challenges? Carly Christman has  some great tips to help you. Most of my shopping is online so I definitely can say that follow this advise and you will end up liking the clothes you pick and not being disappointed when that package arrives.

11-02     The Reason Your Clothes Don’t Fit Is No Secret. What a surprise!!! This is a real addendum to our main article on Sizing in Women’s Clothing in the Boutique along with sizing information by store and by brand (still updating  these latter two). Check the right sidebar.

09-25    Have fun reading Tasi’s Musings for October. We talk about Mexican beer, mistaken identities in the “Bathroom Wars”, news you may not have heard, what’s going on with “Transparent”, some great fashion articles including one on the use of color, and some great humor including a Womanless Beauty Pageant and a Pinterest page on “House Husbands

09-23     The conflict between cross-dressers and transsexuals/fulltime trans girls over the use of the term “transgender” continues. Maybe we need a new term for those cross-dressers that are neither fetish dressers nor sissies. We explore the use of Gender Fluid as an alternate definition in this new section of the Library under transgender resources.

09-19   Tasi  touts the adaptability and style of the bell sleeve. Whether on tops or dresses the bell sleeve adds a feminine boho touch to any outfit. With different accessories and fabrics they can work on anyone and go anywhere. Check out this primer on how to wear bell sleeves and look fabulous on TG Forum

09-12      Mandy’s adventures in the Out and About section of the Lounge is based on a series of videos by Mandy White, a UK-based trans woman, who enjoys shopping, clubbing and the everyday activities of a normal single woman. The stories are not unlike mine and probably yours too and they express the joy of being a woman in a woman’s world. If you were ever afraid to step out the door, these videos show you how easy it is and what rewards await you.

09-11     We try to improve our posts/articles as time marches on and we have done so in our Comedy Theater in the Family Room (right sidebar) by adding a special feature on gender-swapping roles in the movies and by adding a link to our Pinterest page on Crossdressers at Walmart (and a few other places too). Scroll to bottom of article

09-10     Check out this short but cute video on the history of high heels over the last 100 years. Scroll to the bottom but enjoy some great info on shoes on the way down

And talking about shoes, check out the shoe trends this fall in Fashion News

You’ve heard that Age is Just a Number, but more so for beauty queens as we look at some beauty pageants for the mature women in Femme d’Certain Age, and they are beautiful.

09-05     DonnaKelli  talks about dresses for special events since she attended one in August and has two more approaching in October.  Also the make-up and jewelry to accessorize daytime into evening. And introducing Michelle Popkov, a tall t-girl with style

09-04      The secrets on how to dress your outfit up or down are now revealed to you. From casual to dressy, these lessons can be learned for any outfit including the tiny style details that you don’t think people will notice, but they do. Check out Putting It Together in the Dressing Room

09-03     To really understand transgenderism, we need to look into  the Foundations of LGBT Normalcy and this essay by E.S.Carpenter talks about LGBT from a Historical, Psychological, Biological and Religious Perspective. It’s a long piece (9600 words), but it provides all the evidence and argument needed to refute the hateful detractors of the LGBT community. It’s part of our larger essay  on “All About Transgenderism”

Love Wonder Woman. Vera Wylde shows us how to put the costume together for her cosplay at ComicCon. Scroll down to the costume. And we have added a history of the costume (lots of changes over the years) and a fun video of the many WW costumes at a recent Comic-Con.

08-29     If you love the 1920s styles, then this addition to our article on fashion in the 1920s with 50 street scenes is just your ticket. I just love these photos.

08-27     The World of Draq is closely entwined with the trans community both in history and fashion so we talk All About Drag starting with the Queen of Queens, Ru Paul

08-23     Tasi’s Musings for September is available in the Library with our usual mix of news you may not have heard about. a media article, some interesting fashion tidbits and of course, humor to keep you laughing. Take a look.

Your Face and Body Language is so important when presenting female and our newest author, Rita Doyle, talks to this subject with a few good examples of how to cross your legs when sitting or standing.Also check out our post on Feminine Presentation  in the About section of the Library.

08-22      America has struck out in fashion and Tasi tells us why in this TG Forum article, There Is No Joy In Mudville.

08-20     We’ve updated our Trans Women in the Fashion World in the Library to include many new Trans Divas. Check out these amazing women.

08-08     The style lessons are great, but the humor is even greater in Style Lessons from Absolutely Fabulous  on Tasi’s blog.  You have to see to believe.

07-27    I love dresses.They are pretty much my favorite thing to wear. I say dresses are for everyday so here are the Dresses Every Women Should Own. Check it out on Tasi’s blog. Do you agree. Leave me a comment

07-26   DonnaKelli returns with some Great Style Ideas for Summer in Putting It Together in the Dressing Room, along with her pick for a Stylish T-Girl for the month.

A closet full of clothes and not sure what to wear?? Then have a look at these timeless forever outfits that are never out of style in Tasi’s column on TG Forum.

Mellissa Lynn has some great Summertime Hair Care tips in “Best Face Forward” in the Dressing Room

Tasi’s Musings for August is now available with interesting news (our population has doubled and the consequences), fashion article on how to wear a monochrome dress, a special section on “going stealth” and of course some heart-warming humor.

07-04     Classy and Comfortable Fashion for Air Travel is the latest post on Tasi’s blog. Yes, it is possible. Lots of examples to show you how.

07-03      What’s more appropriate than to talk about the Cross-dresser’s challenge for acceptance on the 4th of July weekend. See Teri Lee Ryan’s column in the Family Room Viewpoints

07-01     We start the month with a wonderful tale from Teri Lynn about Coming Out Gently in Viewpoints in the Family Room

06-27      The July issue of Tasi’s Musings is here including how social media is winning the hearts and minds of the general public for transgenders, a fashion article on the beauty of grey hair, the 3rd gender in Mexico, and a special on Auntie Mildred in the Humor section.

Mandy’s Adventure by Private Railcar to the Queen Mary is a wonderful tale in our “Out and About” section in the Lounge.

06-26     if you think ruffles are only for little girls, then surprise? Feminine flounce has now taken on a grown-up look and women in their 40s, 50, and beyond can now wear ruffles with style. Read Tasi’s latest article on TG Forum, Wear Ruffles at Any Age.

We look at how clothing shapes your behavior, based on how you dress and on how clothing shapes others’ behavior toward you in the Psychology of Clothing in the “About” section of the Library with some tips from Tasi on how to apply it to crossdressing.

06-21     Time again for our Stylish Crossdresser. Meet Rita Doyle, This mature and stylish crossdresser from Southern California disproves every axiom that women over 60 are frumpy. Rita sets new standards for mixing in but still being noticed as that put together woman.

06-15      The always popular maxi dress is a summer favorite so we help you choose the right maxi dress for you on Tasi’s blog. From prints to solids, you’ll love them.

06-13     Hot Weather, No Sweat, by Carolltn Olson gives us me summer time hints on the alternative use of hosiery and some great summer looks. Check it out on Tasi’s blog.

And join us in the Out and About section of the lounge as we tell you Rita Doyle’s Story

06-08     Teri Lee Ryan challenges us in her discussion on What is the future for the cross-dressing community in the Family Room.

06-03     Donnakelli talks to us about summer fashion, whether it be casual or style for the office and introduces us to Annie Smith, a full-figured stylish t-girl with a great look. You’ll not want to miss this article  in the Dressing Room.

05-30     Add some sparkle to your life in Tasi’s latest fashion article on TG Forum, Oh! Those Sparkling Sequins.

05-02     It’s always exciting to start the month off with a new column from DonnaKelli. She had a long column so I broke it into two parts. In the first part we go Shopping with DonnaKelli, always a fun adventure for those that love to go out. Part  2  is called DonnaKelli and her Stylish Friends and features different ladies with different styles, all which demonstrate how you can achieve that feminine look.

04-30     We have added an exciting new series on feminine presentation or how to act like a lady. Learn how a lady sits, stands, walks, climbs stairs, gets out of the car and carries her purse. Its all in the about section of the Library.

04-29     Color is exciting. The psychology of color explains how people perceive us by the colors we wear. How you match colors tells something about your style. Our newest section on All About Color in the Library explains all this and provides you tips on simple ways to master color mixing

04-28   We continue to expand our All About section in the Library on things that you wear. Learn the secrets in using necklaces to enhance your presentation in All About Necklaces.

Our Voice Feminization section has been expanded with new voice changing approaches. Check out our extensive section on achieving a feminine voice

First we have Tasi’s Musing for May, an interesting blend of fashion, news, TV and humor and a special review on the traditional dress of the Yucatican woman.

And Vera Wylde returns with more videos on crossdressing and videos on issues that crossdressers face. Listen to Vera talk about Makeup Removal and Wearing Women’s Underwear in Tips for Beginning Crossdressers. Then go to Section II in All About Crossdressing and listen to Public Confrontation, Nervous Over Being Seen, Full Time Dressing, and Giving Up Dressing for a Relationship; all current issues in the community.

04-24     Alice Hutin tells us about the 10 things I Learned From Dating a Cross-dresser on Tasi’s blog.

04-13     Mikki Alicia is a crossdresser who was a frequent visitor to Casa Susanna, a New York resort for crossdressers and the 50s and 60s (see the photos). Mikki produced this brief video about her experience

04-11      All new videos on fashion, styling tips, crossdressers, and beautiful women. Check the Dining Room, Library. Lounge, and Boutique.

04-07     MellissaLynn returns to Best Face Forward in the Dressing Room with a timely article on the Science of Removing Makeup. Don’t be caught with pimples, blemishes, and blackheads because you didn’t do it right.

Constantly NEW. Meet Vera Wylde, Lucille Sorella, Wicked Wanda and the SXYCDGRL.  Four experts on crossdressing provide us over 60 tips of how best to cross-dress on just about any subject you can think of AND all in one easy to find  place.

04-04    There isn’t a more feminine, flirty or audacious skirt than the Tulle Skirt and it’s not just for the thin and young. Read Tasi’s take on the tulle skirt on TG Forum.

04-02     Introducing DonnaKelli, our newest columnist on fashion and style, Donna is not only our most read Stylish Crossdresser, but a winner in our Style Contest and a frequent winner of style contests for many years now. So who better than DonnaKelli to guide us in learning how to dress stylishly and present as that woman we wish to be. Read DonnaKelli’s first column on Style in the Dressing Room. Her bio is on the left sidebar under “About Us”

Lori talks fashion as a young girl in the 60s in Immitation is the Highest Form of Flattery. This is the Jackie Kennedy era and women loved her sense of style.

Check out the new poll below and let us know how often you dress in public. Also some new humor.

04-01     Terri Lee Ryan talks about what to do when My Cross-dressing Husband Looks Better Than Me.  This is an important read for both husbands and wives.

3-28     How to dress stylishly is somewhat determined by your body shape. We have expanded our body shape recommendations on what to wear or not to wear  in our Body Shape Compendium… what you need to know depending if you are hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangular or apple body shaped.

03-23     Read Tasi’s Musings for April. An interesting blend of provocative news, short and quippy fashion tips, TGs in the movie world and, of course, some humor.

03-17      Terri Lee Ryan talks about the conflicted life of crossdressers in Viewpoints in the Family Room.

03-13      Candy tells us why that Without a Smile, You Can Never Be fully Dressed. Read her words of wisdom in the Lounge

03-08     We all love lingerie so this contribution from Hips & Curves on How To Choose Shapewear for the Male Body should be of interest to you. Know your measurements and the rest is easy.

03-07    This mid-western gal from the windy city, Candy Kowal, is our latest in a growing line of Stylish Crossdressers. Read Candy’s interview here

Having masculine features is often the bane to a feminine look. Tasi deals with this issue on TG Forum in her article on How to Flatter a Large Face.

03-06     Updated.  You don’t want to miss Tasi’s take on the top 10 spring fashion trends. They range from pretty and polished to romantic and “red hot” and they work for all ages. You’ll love them.

03-01     Lori takes us into the wonderful world of little girl Tea Parties in “On Being a Girl”, reminisces of growing up as a girl.

Tasi’s Musings for February and March, 2016 are now in the Library: news you haven’t heard, the latest in LGBT events in the movies, theater, and TV, fashion articles with some of the most beautiful skirts and dresses I’ve seen in a long time, and of course, a bit of humor too

02-11      One of the  great things about Washington state is that Nadine Spirit, our latest Stylish Crossdresser hails from there. Don’t miss what this marvelous lady has to say about style in her interview in the Dressing Room.

02-10     What is more symbolic of Valentine’s Day then the color RED. Check out these Valentine’s Day posts by Tasi

The Iconic Red Dress – Sexy and Alluring for All Seasons

Love Red, But Which Red Should I Wear

02-08     Your accessories are the key to a stylish image. Read our series on the use of accessories

Accessories are the Secret to Stylish Dressing

Changing Your Mood With Accessories

02-05     How to Tuck is one of our most consistently read articles in the Library. We’ve just enhanced the explanation with some very vivid pics and videos to bring it home to you.

02-01     If you live in Virginia, then you know the Virginia Reel. Lori talks about getting ready for her first experience in performing this historical dance and making her special dress in “On Being a Girl”

01-21     Our very own Terri Lee Ryan asks Do You Love Fashion. where she talks about our style contest. Help us showcase the many stylish women in our trans community.

New and Updated  Links.  Do you love movies, especially Trans Movies. Then check out our newly revised and comprehensive listing of trans movies. You can watch the trailers or buy or rent the movies with a single click through Sister House.

John Oliver on Transgender Rights...a must see video

01-19     What is your  Style Personality? Take the quizs and discover  how to dress for your inner feelings. Find the major elements of your style and which style icon is most like you.

01-14    It’s here, the new and all encompassing Body Shape Compendium in the Library … all you need to know about dressing for your body shape and proportions. This compendium teaches you how to dress well and wear clothes that flatter you, not just fit you. Please take the time to explore the many links and come back often. We are still adding to this section.

We’ve enhanced our post on “You Want Cleavage” by adding some fashion comments on how to flatter your rack in the How To section of the Library.

Nadine talks about How To Determine Your Size in the Savvy Shopper section of the Boutique. We’ve all been there so you’ll relate well to her experience.

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