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12-23     I’m not here to decorate your world is a vivid example of learning about fashion from genetic women and you may be surprised at how snarky they can be. 65 women commented on Sally McGraws blogpost on styling a twinset and there are many lessons to be learned. Read on Tasi’s blog.

12-15    Am I stylish?  I’ve been told so. Introducing our newest fashion and style columnist, Kandi Robbins from Cleveland…a girl who knows how to “put it together”. So meet Kandi in the Dressing Room in our section on “Putting It Together”. This girl knows how to do it.

Donnakelli in pajamas! Chic? Maybe. Donna had a great time in December visiting restaurants, listening to Handel’s Messiah, and shopping. All fun events which you can read about in So You Think Pajamas Aren’t Chic! in the Dressing Room.

12-13     Bloggers and blogging has become the new wave for the creation of fashion. Creating positive visibility for the trans woman has been my underlying purpose ever since I started my fashion blog, The Fashionable TG Woman, on Sister House and bloggers have been an important part of this effort

12-11     How do  clothes affect the way we feel and present ourselves to the world. We explore the many clothing styles and those preferred by trans women in “Are You Playing Dress Up” on Tasi’s latest article on TG Forum.

11-25     Introducing two new fabulous and stylish ladies, Hannah McKnight and Steffie Michaels, in our series on the “Stylish Crossdresser” in the Dressing Room.  Hannah is a Minnesota girl, operates her own website and is founder of the MN T-Girls support group. Read Hannah’s Style Interview here.

Steffie hails from North Carolina and sets the standard for the larger and taller gal. Don’t miss her Style Interview. here

11-22     Tasi’s Musings for November-December is now in the Library with news you may not have heard, four new transgender movies and books, some great fashion tips and of course some belly-aching humor. We also chronicle Mexico’s  “Day of the Dead”, not Halloween, but just as good. Don’t miss it.

Do you want more radiant skin, then hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient for those results. Our beauty columnist, Mellissalynn, teaches us its uses in Hyaluric Acid and Your Skin in Best Face Forward (Dressing Room)

11-16     In October every year for the last 10 years, the River City Gems host an event called “Sparkle”. It is without a doubt one the most organized and fun TG events held in California each year, Donnakelli attended and tells us about the people and the fun times at Sparkle 2017 in the Lounge.

11-12     What’s the biggest fashion trend of the moment? It’s velvet and Tasi explains the many ways you can tap into this trend and use it to show the world how elegant you can be in Wear Velvet for That Luxurious Elegant Look on TG Forum.

As trans women, we should/need to be aware of women’s issues and this one on sexual harassment on the street effects all of us in Viewpoints in the Family Room.

11-8    We’ve updated our wonderful section on “All About Shoes” with two new videos from Justine Leconte on all the shoes types and how to determine the quality of a shoe. It’s a really fun article on a woman’s favorite accessory.

11-4     Come join us in the Lounge again with a new story from Cheri Amor in her Real Life Adventures As a Sissy Girl. Once again she is embarrassed, this time at a  Halloween party at age 14

The forum contains an interesting thread and review by Pat of Dr Bevan’s new book on Transgenderism and Transsexualism, but the review really discusses our favorite “Why” transgender questions. We’ve linked it to our larger article on “All About Transgenderism” in the Library.

11-3     Fashion is fun again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 2017 has been the year for maximalist dressing. And the trend should continue through the rest of the decade. See all the wild and funky outfits that women are wearing today on Tasi’s blog.

What  has happened to the feminine appearance of older women? Unkempt and slovenly. They need to set the example for younger women and this article discusses the role they need to play for the younger generation. Don’t miss The Best Disguise For Older Women Is A Beautiful Dress in Femme d’Certain Age in the Dressing Room.

10-31    You won’t want to miss this illustrated fun piece on Tasi’s blog on the Fashion Stages of a Crossdresser. drawn largely from Catie Maye’s book on Men Can Wear Dresses Too. Do you agree?

The “All About Crossdressing” section in the Library has been considerably enhanced with videos from Juliette Noir, a British crossdresser, with some very earthy and practical views of crossdressing. Juliette is very much a mainstream part-time crossdresser who is comfortable as a man or as a woman. Check out her videos on “What is the most common misconception of CD/TG people?“, on “How I told people about Juliette” and on “Aren’t you ever scared of being out in public?

10-29    Some may think that crossdressing is a major cause of divorce, and yes, divorce is an outcome, but not as much as you may think. Nadine from the Unordinary Style blog has researched the literature and found that 84% of spouses did not leave the marriage after the truth was revealed in this Truth of Partner’s Acceptance. This is part of our series in the Library on The Wives Speak Out.

10-28    A dress is an ideal garment because it requires little preparation to wear and creates a beautiful silhouette. Yet so few are worn now. We talk about why in Why Aren’t You Wearing a Dress on Tasi’s blog

10-24     Why trans girls separate themselves from the trans community is a growing phenomenon and not a positive one. This subject was discussed in a recent thread on the Pretty T-Girls Yahoo group.  With permission from the author, Dee Ann,  we bring you this insightful discussion of the subject.

10-23     Donnakelli has a signature look which she has coined the “Weathergirl Look”. It’s a  sheath dress that is stylish, timeless and a perennial favorite of weathergirls and stars alike. Donnakelli tells all. And don’t miss her as “Batgirl”

If you’re a mature gal, then tummy control is likely an issue in your dressing, so we’re going to show you how using style to hide that tummy really works on Tasi’s blog.

We’ve also enhanced Nora’s fabulous article on How To Pose For The Camera with 7 Effective Posing Ideas to Hide Stomach Fat

10-20    A hat is likely the most under-used accessory a  woman can wear, and especially for crossdressers.  Read all about this forgotten accessory in our newly updated post on All About Hats. We tell you how to select a hat based on your face shape.

The beginning of LGBTQ nightlife started with the Pansy Craze of the late 1920s, It’s fascinating as is the complete history of the transgender movement. Take a few minutes and educate yourself.

10-16     The Ubiquitous and Essential Cocktail Dress is an integral part of any crossdresser’s  wardrobe given our penchant for looking pretty  while attending conferences, holiday parties and all manner of special events.  We tell you everything you need to know about cocktail dresses on TG Forum..

10-13     Our section in the Library on “All About Crossdressing” is the most comprehensive compilation of articles on this subject on the internet. Just added is another fabulous video by Vedra Wylde on   Are You Treated Differently When You Cross Dress? You’ll enjoy it.

10-12     Being a mature woman with hooded eyes, it has always been difficult to create a flattering eyeshadow look that works for me. But thanks to Imogen Lamport of the Insideoutstyleblog, I have found my way and you may learn too in A Flattering Eyeshadow Application for Mature Eyes on Tasi’s blog.

Christine Jorgensen – transformation from transgender G.I. to tabloid star is reported in the New York Daily News with startling reality. Her story is known to many but here is an insightful view that you may not have heard. Christine is part of our Transgender History in the Library

10-08     Cherie updates her series on Real Life Adventures of a Sissy Girl in this vignette, Friend Discovers My Secret  Cherie was in her early 20s.

Handbags run a close second to shoes as a woman’s favorite accessory and like shoes, your handbag says a lot about you. These guidelines may be helpful to you in knowing just how to choose that perfect handbag in All About Handbags in the Library

10-07    Do you feel your age? Does feeling your age and dressing age appropriately line up. Take the quiz. See how style crosses all ages in a Dress That Works for Every Age on Tasi’s blog

10-05     Many crossdressers love the fashion trends of past eras but can you still wear them today and not look outdated and frumpy. Find the answer on Tasi’s blog in Fashion Trends and Should You Let Them Go? (updated 10-08)

And from the shopping section in our Boutique

Crossdressers love to shop in secondhand stores but it makes a difference whether the store is a thrift or a consignment shop. Learn the differences in Consignment Versus Thrifting: Knowing Your Options  Updated 10/13/17 

What size am I is the perennial question when internet shopping. Taking your measurements is key to effective shopping and we show you how to do it. (updated 10-08)

10-01     I committed a dressing faux pas so decided to analyze my latest look. See for yourself how I turned a faux pas into a humorous passing tip on Tasi’s Blog.

Don’t miss the audio interview with Nina on her Female Voice Club in our section on Voice Feminization in the Family Room. This is truly a ground-breaking new program with guaranteed results. Don’t believe – well then listen to me take the lessons.

And we can thank Kristelle Watkins of the blog, The Transitioner’s Primer for her hilarious and delightful post on “Bugs Bunny: Transgender Inspiration…Or Insult? These old Melody Tunes were ever so great and a joy to young and old both.

9-28     Diversity is coming to the fashion industry and is finally figuring out diversity in ways that actually matter. Read about the fascinating changes taking place in the Fashion News in the Dressing Room

9-25     There are an amazing array of fascinating stories in October’s Tasi’s Musings in the Library. Read about Renee Richards and Vladimir Fomin a Russian crossdresser, why “Transparent” is so important in this Trump era and a new book by Ciara Cremin, the difference between good and bad quality shoes, ridiculous fashions from the past and some looks at 19th century  crossdressers, and finally The Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy (Joan meets her match-hilarious)

The Christian right would have us believe that crossdressing violates biblical teachings but that isn’t so. Dr Chrstina Beardsley, a Church of England priest and a trans woman,, speaks on the Bible and how it is trans-friendly. This is an important work brought to us by Vivienne Marcus of BlueStockingBlue. Read more in Transvestism and Religion in the Library

9-20     I’m having a love affair with dresses lately and just revised my article on lace dresses so if you love lace, be sure and read the Flirty and Sensual Lace Dress in the Dressing Room

9-19     Introducing a new author, Dr Ciara Cremin, a Professor of Sociology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand; a learned person, a crossdresser, and a lady with some profound views. Her first article about The Despotism of Passing is in Viewpoints in the Family Room. I hope all of you will read her article and perhaps even comment as I welcome your views.

9-18    Have you seen the bold African print fashions that feature what’s known as Ankara? Tasi  has advice on how to bring the Ankara prints into your wardrobe and make yourself look fabulous in Hot Look: How To Wear Tribal TG Forum.

9-12     Nothing is quite as romantic in By-Gone Eras as the Sock Hop and the Poodle Skirt of the 1950s. Join us as we visit this delightful time in the Playroom.

This is amazing. Plus Size Resale Site CurvyCo creates new options in the plus size market by buying and selling second-hand clothing, a great alternative to buying retail. You will want to try them out. Details in our Fashion News in the Dressing Room.

9-11    Donnakelli talks about her summer shopping and fashion finds. Lots of great outfits for casual wear or for the office with great hints on how to wear them

It’s amazing what knowing your face shape will do to helping you choose the right wig, the right accessories and even the right clothes to enhance your natural beauty as a woman. Face  shape is linked in our Wig Nook, but we’ve enhanced the article with new videos and added it to our About (Face Shapes) in the Library too. An authoritative article that tells all you need to know about face shapes

9-10     What crossdresser doesn’t love “sexy” lingerie: slips, corsets, bras. but what makes lingerie “sexy” is hard to pin down. This visual history of sexy lingerie will give you some clues: nostalgic or edgy and fashion-forward. In the All About section of the Library.

New additions to Looks Women Love in the Dressing Room

9-08     Why Style Matters is important as we see from this post on Tasi’s blog

9-05     No crossdresser likes to be read and it’s often because of our physical giveaways. But we can disguise those giveaways with a little effort in this article on Crossdresser Physical Giveaways…What We Can Do About It

9-03    Feminists have created deep divisions and cutting controversy over what a woman is. This battle over what it means to be female is essential to protecting the rights of trans women and allowing them to access women’s spaces.This essay is an in depth look at this controversy. This is part of our series on All About Transgenderism.

There is no more loved accessory than shoes and we talk All About Shoes in the Library. Now Justine Leconte tells us how to recognize good versus bad quality shoes. Just surf to the bottom of the article.

And for all you WW1 period fashionsitas, watch Wonder Woman go dress shopping in London in 1914 (scroll to bottom but enjoy all there is to know about Wonder Woman as you scroll)

9-01     Introducing Dressing Styles, a new feature on Sister House. We all have our favorite style from ultra feminine to the casual jeans outfit, or perhaps the business look or Bohemian or the look of pure elegance. We explore them all here. This section talks about the various dressing styles and how to achieve them. Read our summary of fabulous looks.

The Bohemian Style Defined with style icons and their many looks.

8-27     They say fashion is for today, style is forever but here are seven outdated style guidelines that can be adapted to todays modern trends on Tasi’s blog

8-26     Crossdressing and transgenderism is generally associated with gender dysphoria but not all transgender people have dysphoria – and here are 6 reasons why that matters. It’s important to understand that we can live normal lives and still be both male and female without transitioning. This is essential to our knowledge of who we are.

The latest in news you might not have heard, new shows on TV and in the movies, some interesting fashion tidbits and some humorous videos all in the September issue of Tasi’s Musings

8-24     Nora Simone has written the best ever article that I’ve read on How To Pose For The Camera and it’s well illustrated with specific examples for each piece of advice. Want great pics of yourself…Here’s how. This girl has it all together. It’s in a new section on Photography for the Trans Woman in the Lounge..

When this transgender woman was being harassed while shopping, her fellow customers stepped in. How would you react to seeing a clothing store employee discriminating against a transgender woman simply for shopping there? Check Harrassed When Shopping in the Lounge’s Out and About stories

8-23     Thanks to the comments from a very lovely reader, we have revised our post on Shopping Experiences to now include video reviews of the major stores where crossdresser’s shop. We see “Inside the Dressing Room” from the perspective of female shoppers and learn their views of the clothing lines and shopping experiences

8-22     Stilettos are here to stay courtesy of the Trump women as we learn in The Trump Women and Stiletto Heels on Tasi’s blog.

8-21    Some women always seem to be “put together.” They seem perfectly styled as if they had a personal stylist come to their home and pick their outfit for the day. Tasi tells us how to achieve that “put together” look easily by picking items from your wardrobe and accessories that are always ready to make you fashion forward in How To Look Instantly “Put Together” on TG Forum.

8-06     Do you love to wear prints? Well here is the authoritative source on all things concerning prints from classic prints and patterns to the latest fads and all those design elements that affect our choices…all in one place in Love Those Prints in the Library

If you love fashion history, here’s a look at our dress over almost 200 years taken from illustrators plates. See Women’s Fashion Every  Year from 1784-1970 in By-Gone Eras in the Playroom

8-04    A little black dress or LBD is a wardrobe staple for every woman. We show you how to create multiple looks with the LBD, dressing it up or dressing it down using layering techniques and accessories to achieve that stylish look

There are many styles of dressing and the mannish look that we see in the tomboy and military styles are OK,, but for most of us, creating the feminine look is our ultimate goal. Sometimes it’s just nice to get in touch with our feminine side, think: lace, miniskirts, sheer stockings and much more.

8-01     We don’t do much on Etiquette, but have added this most timely article on Primping in Public which we all should be aware of in Ask Astrid in the Family Room.

Adventures of a Sissy Girl is a series of vignettes by Cherie Amor, each a “real life” story of sissification as she was growing up. You will most certainly enjoy her latest episode, First Time Caught By Other Than Family  (Age 10) in the Lounge

7-30   Do skirts have secrets? Yes. Read this straight-forward and highly humorous account on why you should love skirts too…more then just easy to wear. Read Skirts and Their Dirty Little Secrets on Tasi’s blog

7-24    There’s real change taking place on the runways as we look at the 2017 fall fashion trends. For most of us, it’s a hobglob of confusion, so we’ve selected those few trends where there is some agreement among the fashion houses and better known bloggers that might actually work for you.

Tasi’s Musings for August, 2017 are here with news you may have missed including a Chinese guy who dressed as his dead sister to help his mentally ill mother, an essay on what it means to be female, fabulous dresses of the Andre Rieu orchestra, a Mexican beauty blogger competing in the LA finals, and the infamous camel toe underwear LOL.

7-20    It takes just minutes to make an outfit but putting together a stylish outfit can be tricky. If you don’t do it everyday, as most crossdressers don’t, then here is a simple formula that you can use over and over  to create all different kinds of looks, with 7 examples to help you use the formula. In Just Minutes To Create a Fabulous Outfit in “Putting It Together” in the Dressing Room.

7-16     If you love vintage clothes, you’ll love this post which helps you find which era has clothes that best fit your body type. Which era do you think it will be? Then check out those fun videos of each era’s fashions.

7-14     Cici Kitten from the Suddenly Fem blog gives us some great tips on How To Come Out As Trans or a Crossdresser. We penned to our broader article on All About Crossdressing which you may want to read too.

7-10     Well, you’ve mastered your makeup and learned to dress stylishly. Your hair (or wig) perfectly frames your face but you walk like a quarterback and I’ve seen it. Not good. Check out the art of Feminine Presentation in the Library. We’ve just added two videos on feminine gestures that will help achieve that ladylike look.

7-03     Check out Tasi’s Blog for the 100 Best LGBT Cities in the World

7-02     Caty Ryan has journeyed to  Transformal, the Australian equivalent of “Southern Comfort”  Transformal was great, but she won’t be going back. Find out why in Out and About in the Lounge.

Girls grow up knowing all the secrets to wearing a bra but we don’t, so here are 22 Really Really Good Tips for Anyone Who Wears a Bra in the library under All About Bras.

6-30     With the help of Glamourdaze, we have enhanced our article on Looks from the 1920s to the 2010s in the Playroom, so if you enjoy vintage looks, then you’ll enjoy this trip through time.

6-26     The Cocktail Dress is an integral part of any crossdresser’s wardrobe given our penchant for looking pretty. We tell you how to rock the dress on TG Forum in The  Ubiquitous and Essential Cocktail Dress

Reprinted from my old TG Forum post, this most popular article on Hip Pads…For That Classically Woman Look will help you achieve that most desired hourglass figure

6-24     Tucking is an art and not a science and we have added a very graphic infographic to our tucking article in the How To section of the Library where the end result is very close to a vagina appearance.

Time again for Tasi’s Musings (July 2017) with news you may not know, lots of new trans movies coming out, a crossdresser’s mother teaches her fashion and some starling humor. And Merida is only the 2nd Latin city to join a prestigious foodie network.

6-20    If you haven’t visited the Comedy Theater in the Family Room, you should with it’s largest selection of Crossdressing in Comedy on the internet. Just added was a special feature on Looney Tunes and our favorite crossdressing cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

So You Need To Use the Ladies Room was our most popular article when we published it 3 years ago, but now we have updated the article with this great Transline Hollywood video by Susanne and Leigh discussing their first time fears. It’s worth another read.

Can Transgender Women Be Feminine is the subject for Susanne and Leigh of Transline Hollywood in our article on Feminine Presentation-The Art of Being a Lady in the Library

6-17     TRANS/gressive talks about how transgender activists took on gay rights, feminism, the media and Congress… and won. The book is riveting. Read my review here

In What Mannequinns Say About Us, we look  at these essential display tools in the fashion world, but what do we really know about them. Aside from those eye-catching displays in the store windows, what more is there to know. We tell you in the Library in All About Mannequins.

Updated looks from Looks Women Love in the Dressing Room

6-09    Few of us have that most desired hourglass figure but it is achievable and we tell you how in How To Fake a Smaller Waist (updated) on Tasi’s Blog

Google is digitizing the world of fashion in an astounding initiative called “We Wear Culture” on their Google Arts & Culture.platform. This initiative will bring fashion to your world like it has never been seen before. Read about Google’s effort in our Fashion News

6-04     Over the years, there have been more than a few women that America has fallen in love with. Some of them have been officially labeled as ‘America’s Sweethearts’, while others have just won our hearts, and the hearts of almost everyone else on the planet. Let’s take a look at some of America’s most loved women: actresses, athletes, singers and in political life. 62 illustrations and video clips.

6-01      There’s an amazing new feature in the Lounge on Sister House.  There is a whole genre within the realm of crossdressing that we call sissies. They do not pretend to be women but enjoy the ultra feminine look as a fun thing. So we talk about who are sissies and what it’s like Growing Up As a Sissy. Cherie Amor, who is one of our featured “Stylish Crossdressers” in the Dressing Room talks about her sissy experiences as she was growing up. She sheds new light on these special girls. We will be adding to her adventures each month.

Introducing Suzana Rodrigues, a Brazilian crossdresser with an artistic flair, in her first article, “Crossdresser – Art To Feel Like an Actress”. Suzana is a contributing author on Tasi’s blog

Gal Gadot starring as “Wonder Woman” opens in theaters on June 2. Critics were concerned that DC Comics could pull off the film successfully as comic book heroines have not fared so well. But the film is marvelous.. You can read the Wonder Woman reviews here. Then wander over to the Playroom and learn all there is to learn about this marvelous super-heroine, even how to dress like her. in Wonder Woman under Fantasy Icons

Now hop back to the Playroom as we explore looks at a Parisian cafe over 140 years which we’ve added to My Looks from the 1920s to the 2010s. It’s quite fascinating.

5-29     Telling your wife or Special Other that you crossdress is probably the scariest thing you’ll ever do, but what comes afterwards is just as important.. Michelle Johnson walks us through the scenario of having a supportive or a non-supportive wife in the Family Room Viewpoints.  If you are faced with these issues, be sure to read

So You’ve Told Your S.O. About Your Crossdressing (Part I)

She knows, But Is Not Supportive (Part II)

In Behind the Fashion Code on TG Forum, we share a secret passed down from the ancients that will transform fashion faux pas into fabulous fashion. It’s a hidden code that sets the rules that make the difference between dowdy and svelte

5-27     There are many don’t do this when beginning to crossdress. Carollyn Olson, our very first Stylish Crossdresser, talks about the most obvious of these don’ts in Putting It Together in The Dressing Room.. Some may surprise you.

Tasi’s Musings for June are here with interesting news you may not have heard, the latest in TV and movies including Caitlyn Jenner’s latest interview on 20/20, some fun fashion news including why you should be wearing a 1960s bathing suit and of course, some great humor including some 1930s tips on how your wife should and should not undress. Enjoy.

5-18     We begin our series on the 1950s in the Playroom under By-Gone Eras starting with an overall look of The 1950s music, dance and fashion. This is followed by a more in-depth look at 1950s Fashions for Women. The Fifties is a most nostalgic time for many of us so I hope you enjoy this series. Look for more coming on the glamorous 50’s housewife and on the Poodle Skirt.

5-09     Our Tips for Beginning Crossdressers is one of the most widely read features on Sister House and those tips are anchored by Vera Wylde. We thought you might want to know more about her, so here is a t-girl chat with Vera by my good friend Helene Barclay

In addition, we added another great tip from Lucille Sorella on How to Feminize Broad Shoulders, obviously a problem many of us have to deal with

5-08    Managing Your Desires is the powerful story of Helene Barclay, a Scottish cross-dresser. How she recognizes her own desires and how she deals with them while avoiding the innate conflict within her family will resonate with many of you. I hope her experience will be of value to you.

Fashion exhibits are fun to see and although I haven’t been real good about keeping our list up-to-date, here is a not miss one if you happen to be in the Syndey Australia area. It’s a photo exhibit about and by trans women in our section on Current Fashion Exhibits.

5-07     Completely updated Looks Women Love in the Dressing Room

More Tips for Beginning Crossdressers, this time by Lucille Sorella, on How To Choose the Perfect Handbag

5-06     Fashion Historians Talk About Today’s Fashion on Tasi’s Blog. They’re not very complimentary but read for yourself.  Are you surprised?

5-03  Donnakelli is back with fun, friends, fashion and fabulous places. See her latest column, Vegas, Here I Come,  in Putting It Together in the Dressing Room.

5-02     One of the important transgender resources we have is our section on The Wives Speak Out…some unvarnished truths you may not want to hear. We’ve added to it with this short article from the Guardian, A letter…to my transgender husband: Why did it have to be all about you.

A fun read in By-Gone Eras in the Playroom. A 16-year old college student created 100 years of looks for a school assignment in My Looks from the 1920s to the 2010s. Did she do a good job?

5-01     Tasi looks at fashion trends for this year on TG Forum in 2017 Fashion Trends I love

4-26     It’s rare to get feedback from a genetic woman on our appearance and mannerisms, but now we are fortunate. Nora Simone and her wife, Eva, attended the 2017 Keystone Conference in Harrisburg a few weeks ago and they have written of their impressions. This is a MUST READ.  Our wives and girlfriends definitely see us through a different lens then we see ourselves...A Spouse’s Impression At Keystone

4-23      Tasi’s Musings for May is now in the Library with news you might not know, TG events in the world of entertainment, some interesting fashion videos, some really dry humor and, of course, a little about Merida. Do read and enjoy.

4-19      Our section on Religion and the Transgender Person is the most comprehensive on the net and we have now added to it with this article by Meggan Sommerville on The Reality of Church PTSD. Church PTSD. Are you kidding me?. There is no such thing. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something you have after being in combat or a victim of sexual assault, surviving a plane crash or maybe a tornado. How the heck can church, of all things, cause PTSD?

4-16    Disney’s Dress Shop For Adults Is Totally Amazing. If you love those Disney female characters, now you can get their outfits. Disney’s Dress Shop sells these stunning outfits that pay tribute to your favorite characters. Wear them during your visit or anytime else. Online soon. Check out the Fashion News in the Dressing Room.

4-13     From the Gibson Girl of the early 1900s to the Bootylicious Beyonce of today, just how much the most desired shape of the perfect body has changed may surprise you. The women we consider to be sex symbols have had a huge variety of body shapes. See How the Shape of the Perfect Body Has Changed Over the Last 100 Years

4-11     Style inspiration comes from many places, but it was Doris Day, who was certainly seen as the “girl next door” in many of her movies, that the average woman could relate to. and so can you. For Style Inspiration from the Girl Next Door, check out Tasi’s blog.

4-09     Styling problems become endemic as we grow older. Our bodies sag in the wrong places. We hide the areas we don’t want seen.Find your answers here: Fixing Those Styling Problems for the Mature Lady  in Femme d’Certain Age in the Dressing Room.

4-06     Our feminine presentation is not just about the clothes. It’s about how we sit, stand, walk, and much more. How we do this often reflects our personality as we see in this article about Sitting like a Lady

4-02      After living through several decades of fashion older women have seen it all, and they have found their personal style.and have learned how to project their personal style in feminine ways that range from elegant to bohemian. You don’t want to miss  Advanced Style . . . Older and Wiser  on TG Forum.

Check our Fashion News in the Dressing Room. Target Adds Victoria Beckham Plus-Size Line starting in April. In addition, Target is remodeling its stores for a brand new and exciting customer experience. Click the link for full details

3-27     Lessons Learned from Ageless Fabulous Women that prove age is a trivial matter, indeed. There is no copyright on style, and as long as it suits you, I say go for it. To get you on your way, these ageless fabulous women have given us their list of the  most helpful, universal styling tricks you can steal that will work for just about every body, In Femme d’Certain Age in the Dressing Room.

You should really enjoy Tasi’s Musings for April. Lots of videos, some interesting news, our usual fascinating tidbit on Mexico, why Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal as a woman has made it easier for us, some hilarious humor and a whole lot more.

3-22     You ladies might enjoy this. I am now a fashion feature author for Repartee, A British TG print magazine that has now gone online. Martine Rose, the Founder, has been online since 1989 and Repartee is the most well known TG magazine in the UK and beyond. Please read my introductory article, Battle of the Royals, here

3-21     Did you know there is a Fashion Trend Continuum and each of us is somewhere along it. Sometimes it explains how we shop and select clothes so we are going to have some fun with the idea this month. Please read the article and then Take The Poll Below and let us know where you are on the continuum.

Payless to close 400-500 stores due to bankruptcy, See Fashion News

3-19    Can your marriage survive cross-dressing is the question on most of our minds as more and more of us take that step out of the closet in our new enlightened age. Couples with a cross-dressing husband are struggling to find a balance in their relationship and in their marriages and Terri Lee Ryan addresses the subject in her usual inimitable manner under Viewpoints in the Family Room.

3-18     Rachel Rollins is back with some interesting book reviews on transgender books of interest to trans girls and crossdressers. Listen to her video review in the Spotlight On Books in the Library. Her reviews cover The Transgender Guidebook, Transgender No More, and I’m Not The Man I Used To Be. She also discusses The Warrior Princess which I reviewed last year.

Trans movies.  I think our readers forget that we have the most complete listing of trans movies available on the our Comedy Theater. We include both comedies and dramas and the list is updated frequently. We have trailers for the most popular ones with links to Amazon if you wish to buy or rent or watch for free if you have Amazon Prime. Some are also available for viewing on You Tube.

3-17     If you love Marilyn Monroe, then we have the absolutely best look at Marilyn’s life and her contribution to the world of movies under Fashion Icons in the Playroom. We’ve added a special feature on the Untold Story of Marilyn’s Head-to-Toe Fashion Makeover as well as adding hundreds of more pictures on six new Pinterest boards (bottom of main article)

And we’ve added new video to our articles on All About Shoes and All About Handbags

Finally. we’ve introduced a most interesting video from Rachel Rollins on the Crossdresser’s Ten Commandments in All About Crossdressing in the Library

3-12     If you think fashion history is boring, it’s not and we just added an exciting new video to capture your interest. Watch fashion history enfold before your eyes in just 3 minutes.

If you are a size 14 -32, then here are the best places to shop. You may be surprised at the results because the major retailers really don’t reach out to the larger girls. Macy’s tops the list. You will go into the dressing room with our shoppers and get the real story on the clothes and their fit. Not to be missed.

3-11     Want a change of pace in your movie watching, then check out the most comprehensive list of fashion movies, TV shows and documentaries on the internet, and if you want to just watch a feel good, girlie girl movie,then scroll to the bottom of the article. Your choices are endless. You can watch online or buy the movie for your personal collection. There are a lot of trailers, so give it a moment to load.

3-07     WoW Tasi, Hard to believe. The All About Hosiery section in the Library has been completely redone. Look what is there now

The History, Manufacture, and Wearing of Hosiery      

The Death of Hosiery or Why Legs Went Bare

Who Still Wears Hosiery

How To Style Fishnet Hosiery    You will love this one

Hosiery Terms and FAQs

3-06    Looking for maximum fashion effect? You might want to think about adding a maxi skirt to your wardrobe. But, they’re so long. Can you wear a maxi and not look silly? From daytime, at work, to evenings out Tasi shows you how to make the maxi skirt look work for you in  The Maxi Trend – Here To Stay on TG Forum.

2-26     The March issue of Tasi’s Musings includes the famous Jarana Mexican dance, news you may have missed including a special on the aftermath of the government’s withdrawal of transgender student guidance, interesting TG pieces on Miss Vera’s Finishing School and the Indonesian transgender community, more on the Little Black Dress, and of course humor with the Womanless Beauty Pageants.


2-06     Tasi tells us how to wear that red dress for Valentine’s Day without looking like a hot mess in Dressing Sexy Without Letting It All Hang Out.on TG Forum. A fun read with lots of great pics.

Every girl loves shoes  and in Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes we have tackled our love of this greatest accessory with great flair. But now we have doubled the size of this offering with this addition from Ann Reinten, a real Australian fashion guru, How Shoes Will Transform Your World. This is the best in our All About Fashion series in the Library

2-04   Mary Tyler Moore is truly the fashion icon of the 70’s. Her recent passing will leave a void so this is our tribute to Mary on Tasi’s blog. She was truly America’s sweetheart. Her impact on fashion and the women’s movement left an indelible mark on history.

Never have I’ve seen a more compelling, must see film about cross-dressers then this one,  A Raw Glimpse Into The Emotional Lives Of Transgender Women. in the All About Cross-dressing section of the Library. The film was shot at the Esprit conference in Port Angeles, WA and tells the story of the conflicted women that we are.

Sister House has one of the most comprehensive series on All About Transgenderism that you will find on the internet. We have further improved  our offering by adding an excellent video on Gender Core Theory

We have updated our listing of TG support groups particularly from the United Kingdom. If there is no support group near you, then check GLBT Near Me

2-02     Our information on 2017 transgender conferences has been updated. Be aware that the long running Southern Comfort conference was cancelled indefinitely,

Our section on fashion museums and current exhibits has also been updated. A visit to one of these museums is truly a joy

1-28    Take a look around. Have women become passé when it comes to wearing hosiery? Carollyn Olson thinks “YES” in her Making the Case for Hosiery “Women dress a lot more casually today and they don’t want to take the time to put on nylons unless it’s to impress. But there are benefits to wearing hose as we see in this article.

Check out our latest Fashion News in the Dressing Room. The average clothing size of American women has increased from 14 to 16/18 and the waist has increased a few inches too. This all means that the average women is now plus-sized but our American designers and retailers haven’t quite caught up.

1-26    Meet Linda Herzer, Transgender Advocate.  Linda is a pastor at an Atlanta area church who has delved deeply into what the Bible says about gender non-conforming people. Her recent book on the subject is reviewed in the book section, but you can get the short version in her video sermons under Transvestism and Religion in Transgender Resources. If you are confused or need spiritual guidance on the Bible’s good news, then listen to Linda.

Check the Library for the Jan-Feb issue of Tasi’s you don’t hear elsewhere, making chocolate in the Yucatan, news trans books, a great fashion article on wearing sequins, and of course some great humor.

1-12    If you are a serious about presenting your most natural feminine look, you have most likely wondered why certain colors and styles work well for you and others do not. A professional image consultation solves these mysteries as we learn in this article by Nora Simone when she visited the Doctor of Dress

1-09    Monochromatic Outfits  for a New Sense of Style tells you all the tips and style secrets that can help you put together an outfit that utilizes a pallet of shades of one color. Properly done and accessorized you can work one color and become a fashion star. Read Tasi’s latest article in TG Forum

1-07      Becoming a Woman by Brianna Austin deals with the realities of being a woman or perhaps the fantasies you have of becoming one. Being a woman is just not the magic of the moment and Brianna walks us through the different paths that we may take in All About Transgenderism in the Library.

My Life As A Girl by Stephan Burt, a Harvard professor, is one of the best essays I’ve read on being a crossdresser when he says, “I’m a man, but I like dressing up as a woman, in women’s clothes, wearing lipstick and bracelets and bright rings and women’s shoes” No pretensions. Just the fun of dressing and looking and feeling feminine. There’s much more in our profile of a crossdreessser in All About Crossdressing  under Transgender Resources in the Library

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