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7280691_sAt Sister House, your privacy is important. We will never sell or share your personal information with anyone.    Any information you gave when you signed up is simply buried in a computer for newsletter distribution purposes, but it has nothing at all to do with any of our advertisers or the Boutique.

At this point Sister House does not have any merchandise of our own, so we do no direct selling.    All the offerings on our site (except for Tasi’s book) are sold through other merchants, meaning that they, not we, have any required shipping information.    It’s Jessica London or Hips and Curves that has whatever name and shipping address you give them, not Sister House.

Once a member clicks on an ad or a picture in the Boutique, she temporarily leave our site and go to the merchant’s site instead.    This means that from the merchant’s point of view you’re just one more person looking at that red lace bra.    There is nothing that identifies you as a genetic male looking at female clothing.   There is of course a computer who knows that you arrived through Sister House, but in today’s world of omniscient computers, that’s normal.  No matter where you arrive from, their computer knows.   To these merchants, though, Sister House is just one more affiliate.    No one there knows or cares who specifically arrived through that click or that that Sister House is a CD site.    You’re just one more faceless entity to the site you’re browsing.

Many of you are experienced online shoppers and know that while your name may be anonymous, some cookie somewhere is constantly grabbing a connection so they can send ads.   If I look at leaf blowers on line, by the time I change the screen to check my mail I can be sure there will be half a dozen ads for leaf blowers.     It’s the way of the internet, and it’s only personal if you’re fascinated by strings of numbers and IP addresses.  This happens wherever you go online unless you’ve put complex and pricy privacy veils over everything that you do.

For those who are new to online buying,  this can be unnerving.   I remember at first being fascinated by the “coincidence” that there was an ad on my screen for exactly the same shoe I had been looking at earlier.    Yea, big coincidence.   But again it’s not personal in the sense that the ad senders know a name or care about your identity in other ways.   It’s just a match game between searches and ads, in other words, just cookies and the net.   And it happens no matter where you browse, so unless you’ve never looked at merchandise online, you’re used to the cookie game.

We at Sister House understand from an insider’s point of view how important privacy and anonymity are to most of our members.    There is absolutely nothing about our relationship with advertisers or the way our site is structured that would compromise this privacy.

Since privacy is important to all of us, you may also be interested in our article about Shopping Online Anonymously.

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