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35 thoughts on “Subscription Confirmation

  1. Hi Tasi,

    I’m a Trans crossdresser who has been out in public for a few years now. I have started a few support groups and continue to be very involved locally here in New England area. (Ma,Nh,Ct)

    Lovely website TY!

  2. This is probably the fourth time I’ve responded to your confirmation e-mail. I don’t mind it but suspect something is off the tracks. Thanks for a great program. LW

  3. Long time cross-dresser, first time commenter… to mangle a phrase often heard on talk-radio formats. Don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, but I’ll know it when I find it, and this place looks like a good start.

    • Tammy – there’s no cost. Just subscribe and you get the book and a weekly newsletter on updates to the site and other interesting news and tips. Hugs….Tasi

    • Hi Alyd. When you login, click can’t remember password and the system will allow you to change it. Thanks for joining. Let me know if you have any problem changing your password

    • Hi Amy,
      A good place to start is the Dressing Room. Click on the link for Dressing Room on top left side of the screen. The Rooms are listed Entry, family, Dressing, Library, members Suite and Boutique’ When you get to the Dressing room scroll down and look at at section (in purple horizontal line}. Each section has articles that you can click.
      You can also go to the library. Scroll down to the How Tos (bottom of page) and click on tips for beginner crossdressers. That should keep you busy for several hours. Then go the Boutique and check whats there, departments are on the right. Then go back to the Entry hall to my column from the Housemistress and click on the contest link. You should enter because you are lovely.
      Hope this helps. Hugs….Tasi

  4. Tasi,
    I have read several of your articles over the years at TG Forum and other places.
    Best of luck on this new endeavor. It certainly looks like a work of love that took untold hours to bring together.

    • Hi Kandy – The problem is our email manager which is temporarily down. I’ll register you manually and be sure you get the book…….Tasi

    • Hi Michelle – The problem is our email manager which is temporarily down. I’ll register you manually and be sure you get the book…….Tasi

  5. cannot complete your registration form as there is NO Captcha Image or Number / text to match……your system seems to be acting up …thanks !

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