So, what does all of this mean? Which restroom should I use

Use the bathroom to the manner in which you are dressed. In most instances, that will be the woman’s bathroom. However, if you choose to use public restrooms, remember to use them individually, discreetly, and appropriately.

Some examples of good and bad restroom practices

  • Review our restroom guidelines. Learn from the experiences of others. If you are in your “home” hotel, use the restroom in your hotel room. There’s absolutely no question about it being legal, appropriate, or comfortable.
  • Seek restrooms which are out of the way or in less-traveled areas. Use the restroom in your hotel room immediately before you go out.
  • Don’t OD on fluids! 🙂
  • Seek restrooms away from where groups of our attendees are obvious to onlookers.
  • Using public restrooms in groups is one of the absolute worst practices there is! If our group has attracted the attention of the public, find a restroom far-far away from where the group has congregated.
  • Standing in the stall! Don’t do it.
  • Don’t socializing with curious GGs in a public restroom
  • Speaking in an obvious male voice when in a public ladies room. This can be very alarming to GGs (and even TGs) who are not seen but are in the restroom. It is very likely to generate a complaint.
  • Lingering, loitering, or socializing in a public restroom.

Lastly read our article on using the restroom in the Sister House Library

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