I don’t have Internet access and I am serious about attending. What are my options?

Magic in Merida is highly dependent on the Internet, for information, registration, etc.

You have two options:

  1. Use a public-access terminal, such as in public libraries or Kinkos shops, and a free e-mail account on a service such as Hotmail or Yahoo. This has actually worked quite well for a few people.
  2. Find a person with Internet access to act as go-between and print out such things as the FAQ and the weekly mailings and give them to you. This person can then fill in the registration screen for you.

Since you are either reading this on the web, or from a hardcopy that somebody printed out, one of the above options should be within your reach, if you are indeed serious about attending.

If you are shy about using your usual home or office e-mail account for MiM, sign up for a free web-access e-mail account through such a thing as Hotmail or Yahoo. It’s easy, discreet, and free.

Sorry, we do not offer registration via postal mail or voice telephone.

You will need internet access to register and provide payment through PayPal

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