I’m a reporter/photographer/writer/whatever and want to cover your event. What do I need to do?

photographer taking picturePlease understand that in almost all cases we will respectfully decline coverage, both from mainstream media and LGBT media. We are a private event and many of our attendees wish to maintain a low profile, both personally and in terms of the event as a whole.

If your publication is sexually oriented, we ask that you please not cover our event.

If you’re interested please write a brief e-mail to Magic in Merida (questions@sisterhuse.net) and identify yourself and your publication(s), request a copy of our Media Guidelines, and explain what you want to write or publish.

Any coverage, if permitted, must be discreet and not distract from the climate of the event. We will insist on a signed standard release for any recognizable likenesses that are to be published.

We do not issue press passes, nor do we waive registration, validation, and BDR requirements for media representatives.

Please understand that reporters, photographers, writers, etc. who show up unannounced will be turned away. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated

We will have photography services available for those wanting professional services as well as for impromptu pictures at our main events. Prices are listed here and group and individual photos will be on this website for sale after the event.

If you take your own photos for personal use, just be sure that those in the photograph have no objection to their picture being taken.


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