What’s the difference between Magic in Merida and other events such as Fantasia Fair, Be-All, Southern Comfort, etc.?

Magic in Merida is a vacation, with a little extra thrown in to be sure that you have an experience of a lifetime.

Magic in Merida is not a convention where you go from presentation to presentation, although we have a few just to make it interesting.

Nor are we a pure vacation where you are on your own. After all, you are in a foreign country where the native language is Spanish. Our events are organized and all will be accompanied by English-speaking natives of Merida.

Merida Street Scene

Merida Street Scene

Our hotel is centrally located to the major tourist attractions of Merida. You can walk to most of them. Because it is at Carnival time, you will blend in with other tourists. The Mayan people however are short in stature, so you will be seen as a foreigner or more likely a friendly tourist. You will find the local people very friendly.

Some of the events will be in the hotel but most are outside the hotel either accompanied or unaccompanied. We’ll be sure you have good maps and some basic Spanish phrases. However, most people that you come in contact with will know some English.

Our events are intended to be social and or recreational in nature and that includes our few workshops. After all, you are here to meet and enjoy other women just like you.

The welcome dinner and the Saturday banquet are in the hotel. All other dining events are optional, but we have chosen a few that we think you will find interesting

You should find Magic in Merida very affordable when considering total costs of attendance. The event is sponsored by Sister House and operates without volunteers so our registration fees are necessary to cover our setup costs.

Most of the event activities are on an optional basis so you can pick and chose those that are of most interest to you. There is a (low) minimum number of personnel for most tours. If there an activity that you don’t see, ask and we’ll try and accommodate you. Both Tasi and Bessy will be available in the Hospitality Room to help and guide you through the week.

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