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Introducing our newest author and Stylish Crossdresser

11-25    Introducing Nora Simone who will write fashion articles for the not so skinny girl as well as providing some timely and fascinating viewpoints for our trans community.  But beyond that, welcome Nora as our most recent Stylish Crossdresser in the Dressing Room. This is one of the most amazing interviews to date and you’ll not want to miss all she has to say about creating great style.

Nora’s first article, Why Crossdressing Is Good For Your Health, is a first for our Family Room and a real zinger for a  healthy lifestyle.

Looks Women Love, our newest fashion section in the Dressing Room

Introducing Looks Women Love, .The women we admire or  love all have their favorite looks and many search Pinterest for the perfect look for them, then save the look for future use. See the looks that women love on Sister House. It’s better than going to the mall.    New pins added Dec 1

11-22    I’m told fashion is different from coast to coast so let’s look at southern California fashion. Donnakelli and her girlfriends take us on a tour of some really great places in Palm Springs and treat us to a fashion show along the way.

11-21    Terri Lee Ryan is back with tips on How To Save Your Marriage When You Dress In Public, an increasingly new phenomena in the crossdressing community. As more cross-dressers are coming out of the shadows and dressing in public, their marriages are becoming increasingly more stressful. Terri Lee’s take on how to achieve balance in your spousal relationship is an important new contribution to the literature on this subject. Only on Sister House in the Family Room.

11-15    It’s time for a return to elegance in fashion. Casual Friday has lead to a landslide of sweat pants, workout clothes and other less than elegant attire being seen on the streets and in the malls. But can you be feminine and elegant and still be comfortable? True elegance commands a room and lets people know you are a woman to be reckoned with and we show you how in this TG Forum article.

11-09     Please vote in our latest poll (below) whose purpose is to help us tailor our articles to your fashion needs. Height does matter in choosing clothes that flatter your proportions.

11-04    It’s that time of year again, the Christmas shopping season and whether you shop in the stores or shop online, we have some great tips, maybe even some secrets, on how to make it a pleasurable experience. .

We know this sounds silly, but have you ever gone shopping and after the first store realized that you’re tired of trying things on?. Not only do you have to have a plan for where you’re going and what you want, but you also need to be prepared with what you’ve got on. Follow our simple hints and you’ll be a shopping professional in no time.

Do you shop for clothes online because it can present some unique challenges? Carly Christman has  some great tips to help you. Most of my shopping is online so I definitely can say that follow this advise and you will end up liking the clothes you pick and not being disappointed when that package arrives.

11-02     The Reason Your Clothes Don’t Fit Is No Secret. What a surprise!!! This is a real addendum to our main article on Sizing in Women’s Clothing in the Boutique along with sizing information by store and by brand (still updating  these latter two). Check the right sidebar.

10-31     Meet Brianna McDowwell as she talks about finding Jeans for a Tall Girl in our Fashion News

10-28     Suzanne from Transline Hollywood brings us her often amusing stories as we travel from age 3 through growing up, getting married, coming out, and even joining the NFL as a trans girl. It’s all part of All About Transgenderism in the Library. Read the other stories too

10-19     First we have two new authors in the Lounge, specifically in our Out and About stories. Well Donnakelli is not new but her adventure stories are. Donnakelli takes us to the ever exciting Sparkle gala put on by the River City Gems in Sacramento on October 8th. It’s glitzy and glamorous, so enjoy.

Next a truly new author, Michelle Popkov, and you will be seeing more of her in the Dressing Room as she writes about being a tall girl in a dress (6-4 without shoes). But for now Michelle takes us across the ocean to the UK where she visited the Pink Punters, the largest LGBT club in the London area, for a weekend of fun and frivolity.

Then we introduce you to Catie Maye who has written a marvelous book, Men Can Wear Dresses Too, which we review in the Library.

And another Caty with a Tale of Two Cities, Toronto and Melbourne, and the fun time she had in each in the Out and About section of the Lounge

Then Tasi brings sexiness back to the pencil skirt on TG Forum in How To Be Super Sexy in a Pencil Skirt.

Finally all our efforts to improve the style of cross-dressers seems to be lost when we walk through the doors of Walmart. We have about 200 pics of Crossdressers at Walmart with 130 pics in the album so far. Seeing is believing and I shutter at the sight, literally.

And we’ve added hundreds of new pics to the other albums too…more style ideas than you can possible imagine.


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From the Housemistress

TasiAll Bladders Matter!

According to the Republican-controlled legislatures in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Kansas, transgender Americans should start developing ninja-level bladder control skills, because whole chunks of the South and Midwest are now, officially, “No Trans Zones.”  Thanks to new, “religious freedom,” laws in those states, we’re no longer allowed to enter the gender-specific restroom, changing room or locker room of our gender identity.  We have to use the facility that serves the gender on our birth certificates.

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