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Michele Bennett

Sister House announces it’s affiliation with Perfectly Me and their trans spokesperson, Nora Simone. Click here for more on Made-to-Order clothes with a flattering look and fit

My Style with Nora

Fashion History2-06     Tasi tells us how to wear that red dress for Valentine’s Day without looking like a hot mess in Dressing Sexy Without Letting It All Hang Out.on TG Forum. A fun read with lots of great pics.

Every girl loves shoes  and in Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes we have tackled our love of this greatest accessory with great flair. But now we have doubled the size of this offering with this addition from Ann Reinten, a real Australian fashion guru, How Shoes Will Transform Your World. This is the best in our All About Fashion series in the Library

2-04   Mary Tyler Moore is truly the fashion icon of the 70’s. Her recent passing will leave a void so this is our tribute to Mary on Tasi’s blog. She was truly America’s sweetheart. Her impact on fashion and the women’s movement left an indelible mark on history.

Never have I’ve seen a more compelling, must see film about cross-dressers then this one,  A Raw Glimpse Into The Emotional Lives Of Transgender Women. in the All About Cross-dressing section of the Library. The film was shot at the Esprit conference in Port Angeles, WA and tells the story of the conflicted women that we are.

Sister House has one of the most comprehensive series on All About Transgenderism that you will find on the internet. We have further improved  our offering by adding an excellent video on Gender Core Theory

We have updated our listing of TG support groups particularly from the United Kingdom. If there is no support group near you, then check GLBT Near Me

2-02     Our information on 2017 transgender conferences has been updated. Be aware that the long running Southern Comfort conference was cancelled indefinitely,

Our section on fashion museums and current exhibits has also been updated. A visit to one of these museums is truly a joy

1-28    Take a look around. Have women become passé when it comes to wearing hosiery? Carollyn Olson thinks “YES” in her Making the Case for Hosiery “Women dress a lot more casually today and they don’t want to take the time to put on nylons unless it’s to impress. But there are benefits to wearing hose as we see in this article.

Check out our latest Fashion News in the Dressing Room. The average clothing size of American women has increased from 14 to 16/18 and the waist has increased a few inches too. This all means that the average women is now plus-sized but our American designers and retailers haven’t quite caught up.

1-26    Meet Linda Herzer, Transgender Advocate.  Linda is a pastor at an Atlanta area church who has delved deeply into what the Bible says about gender non-conforming people. Her recent book on the subject is reviewed in the book section, but you can get the short version in her video sermons under Transvestism and Religion in Transgender Resources. If you are confused or need spiritual guidance on the Bible’s good news, then listen to Linda.

Check the Library for the Jan-Feb issue of Tasi’s you don’t hear elsewhere, making chocolate in the Yucatan, news trans books, a great fashion article on wearing sequins, and of course some great humor.

1-12    If you are a serious about presenting your most natural feminine look, you have most likely wondered why certain colors and styles work well for you and others do not. A professional image consultation solves these mysteries as we learn in this article by Nora Simone when she visited the Doctor of Dress

1-09    Monochromatic Outfits  for a New Sense of Style tells you all the tips and style secrets that can help you put together an outfit that utilizes a pallet of shades of one color. Properly done and accessorized you can work one color and become a fashion star. Read Tasi’s latest article in TG Forum

1-07      Becoming a Woman by Brianna Austin deals with the realities of being a woman or perhaps the fantasies you have of becoming one. Being a woman is just not the magic of the moment and Brianna walks us through the different paths that we may take in All About Transgenderism in the Library.

My Life As A Girl by Stephan Burt, a Harvard professor, is one of the best essays I’ve read on being a crossdresser when he says, “I’m a man, but I like dressing up as a woman, in women’s clothes, wearing lipstick and bracelets and bright rings and women’s shoes” No pretensions. Just the fun of dressing and looking and feeling feminine. There’s much more in our profile of a crossdreessser in All About Crossdressing  under Transgender Resources in the Library

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From the Housemistress

TasiAll Bladders Matter!

According to the Republican-controlled legislatures in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Kansas, transgender Americans should start developing ninja-level bladder control skills, because whole chunks of the South and Midwest are now, officially, “No Trans Zones.”  Thanks to new, “religious freedom,” laws in those states, we’re no longer allowed to enter the gender-specific restroom, changing room or locker room of our gender identity.  We have to use the facility that serves the gender on our birth certificates.

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