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May 2016

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Due to a software glitch during transfer of the website to a new host, we lost all posts for the past week. We will recreate as many as possible.


05-30     Add some sparkle to your life in Tasi’s latest fashion article on TG Forum, Oh! Those Sparkling Sequins.

05-28     Don’t miss the June issue of Tasi’s Musings with news on the bathroom wars, a great fashion article, a new TG TV series’ coming, and of course some very amusing humor.

05-02     It’s always exciting to start the month off with a new column from DonnaKelli. She had a long column so I broke it into two parts. In the first part we go Shopping with DonnaKelli, always a fun adventure for those that love to go out. Part  2  is called DonnaKelli and her Stylish Friends and features different ladies with different styles, all which demonstrate how you can achieve that feminine look.

04-30     We have added an exciting new series on feminine presentation or how to act like a lady. Learn how a lady sits, stands, walks, climbs stairs, gets out of the car and carries her purse. Its all in the about section of the Library.

04-29     Color is exciting. The psychology of color explains how people perceive us by the colors we wear. How you match colors tells something about your style. Our newest section on All About Color in the Library explains all this and provides you tips on simple ways to master color mixing

04-28   We continue to expand our All About section in the Library on things that you wear. Learn the secrets in using necklaces to enhance your presentation in All About Necklaces.

Our Voice Feminization section has been expanded with new voice changing approaches. Check out our extensive section on achieving a feminine voice

Then head over to the Library for great reading. First we have Tasi’s Musing for May, an interesting blend of fashion, news, TV and humor and a special review on the traditional dress of the Yucatican woman.

And Vera Wylde returns with more videos on crossdressing and videos on issues that crossdressers face. Listen to Vera talk about Makeup Removal and Wearing Women’s Underwear in Tips for Beginning Crossdressers. Then go to Section II in All About Crossdressing and listen to Public Confrontation, Nervous Over Being Seen, Full Time Dressing, and Giving Up Dressing for a Relationship; all current issues in the community.

04-24     Alice Hutin tells us about the 10 things I Learned From Dating a Cross-dresser on Tasi’s blog.

04-13     Mikki Alicia is a crossdresser who was a frequent visitor to Casa Susanna, a New York resort for crossdressers and the 50s and 60s (see the photos). Mikki produced this brief video about her experience

04-11      All new videos on fashion, styling tips, crossdressers, and beautiful women. Check the Dining Room, Library. Lounge, and Boutique.

04-07     MellissaLynn returns to Best Face Forward in the Dressing Room with a timely article on the Science of Removing Makeup. Don’t be caught with pimples, blemishes, and blackheads because you didn’t do it right.

Constantly NEW. Meet Vera Wylde, Lucille Sorella, Wicked Wanda and the SXYCDGRL.  Four experts on crossdressing provide us over 60 tips of how best to cross-dress on just about any subject you can think of AND all in one easy to find  place.

04-04    There isn’t a more feminine, flirty or audacious skirt than the Tulle Skirt and it’s not just for the thin and young. Read Tasi’s take on the tulle skirt on TG Forum.

04-02     Introducing DonnaKelli, our newest columnist on fashion and style, Donna is not only our most read Stylish Crossdresser, but a winner in our Style Contest and a frequent winner of style contests for many years now. So who better than DonnaKelli to guide us in learning how to dress stylishly and present as that woman we wish to be. Read DonnaKelli’s first column on Style in the Dressing Room. Her bio is on the left sidebar under “About Us”

Lori talks fashion as a young girl in the 60s in Immitation is the Highest Form of Flattery. This is the Jackie Kennedy era and women loved her sense of style.

Check out the new poll below and let us know how often you dress in public. Also some new humor.

04-01     Terri Lee Ryan talks about what to do when My Cross-dressing Husband Looks Better Than Me.  This is an important read for both husbands and wives.

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