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07-27    I love dresses.They are pretty much my favorite thing to wear. I say dresses are for everyday so here are the Dresses Every Women Should Own. Check it out on Tasi’s blog. Do you agree. Leave me a comment

07-26   DonnaKelli returns with some Great Style Ideas for Summer in Putting It Together in the Dressing Room, along with her pick for a Stylish T-Girl for the month.

A closet full of clothes and not sure what to wear?? Then have a look at these timeless forever outfits that are never out of style in Tasi’s column on TG Forum.

Mellissa Lynn has some great Summertime Hair Care tips in “Best Face Forward” in the Dressing Room

Tasi’s Musings for August is now available with interesting news (our population has doubled and the consequences), fashion article on how to wear a monochrome dress, a special section on “going stealth” and of course some heart-warming humor.

07-04     Classy and Comfortable Fashion for Air Travel is the latest post on Tasi’s blog. Yes, it is possible. Lots of examples to show you how.

07-03      What’s more appropriate than to talk about the Cross-dresser’s challenge for acceptance on the 4th of July weekend. See Teri Lee Ryan’s column in the Family Room Viewpoints

07-01     We start the month with a wonderful tale from Teri Lynn about Coming Out Gently in Viewpoints in the Family Room

06-27      The July issue of Tasi’s Musings is here including how social media is winning the hearts and minds of the general public for transgenders, a fashion article on the beauty of grey hair, the 3rd gender in Mexico, and a special on Auntie Mildred in the Humor section.

Mandy’s Adventure by Private Railcar to the Queen Mary is a wonderful tale in our “Out and About” section of the Lounge.

06-26     if you think ruffles are only for little girls, then surprise? Feminine flounce has now taken on a grown-up look and women in their 40s, 50, and beyond can now wear ruffles with style. Read Tasi’s latest article on TG Forum, Wear Ruffles at Any Age.

We look at how clothing shapes your behavior, based on how you dress and on how clothing shapes others’ behavior toward you in the Psychology of Clothing in the “About” section of the Library with some tips from Tasi on how to apply it to crossdressing.

06-21     Time again for our Stylish Crossdresser. Meet Rita Doyle, This mature and stylish crossdresser from Southern California disproves every axiom that women over 60 are frumpy. Rita sets new standards for mixing in but still being noticed as that put together woman.

06-15      The always popular maxi dress is a summer favorite so we help you choose the right maxi dress for you on Tasi’s blog. From prints to solids, you’ll love them.

06-13     Hot Weather, No Sweat, by Carolltn Olson gives us me summer time hints on the alternative use of hosiery and some great summer looks. Check it out on Tasi’s blog.

And join us in the Out and About section of the lounge as we tell you Rita Doyle’s Story

06-08     Teri Lee Ryan challenges us in her discussion on What is the future for the cross-dressing community in the Family Room.

06-03     Donnakelli talks to us about summer fashion, whether it be casual or style for the office and introduces us to Annie Smith, a full-figured stylish t-girl with a great look. You’ll not want to miss this article  in the Dressing Room.

05-30     Add some sparkle to your life in Tasi’s latest fashion article on TG Forum, Oh! Those Sparkling Sequins.

05-02     It’s always exciting to start the month off with a new column from DonnaKelli. She had a long column so I broke it into two parts. In the first part we go Shopping with DonnaKelli, always a fun adventure for those that love to go out. Part  2  is called DonnaKelli and her Stylish Friends and features different ladies with different styles, all which demonstrate how you can achieve that feminine look.

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From the Housemistress

TasiAll Bladders Matter!

According to the Republican-controlled legislatures in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Kansas, transgender Americans should start developing ninja-level bladder control skills, because whole chunks of the South and Midwest are now, officially, “No Trans Zones.”  Thanks to new, “religious freedom,” laws in those states, we’re no longer allowed to enter the gender-specific restroom, changing room or locker room of our gender identity.  We have to use the facility that serves the gender on our birth certificates.

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