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November 2018

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Sister House Was Hacked

Apologies for the recent downtime but we were seriously hacked and files destroyed. We were able to recover our files from all but October 28th and beyond. We are adding additional security to the site

New Poll – Shopping Struggles

Everyone struggles with shopping whether it’s fit or availability or cost. What’s your hangup? Maybe we can help. Check the poll by scrolling down

Female Voice Club

Isn’t it great to have a lovely female voice as you are out and about shopping, attending parties,and meeting friends during the holidays. Join the Female Voice Club and you’ll be quickly watching your wonderful holiday looks to a beautiful voice too.

What’s Your Favorite Look?

A brand new and fun poll below. Just scroll down. .7 fabulous choices with photos to help you choose. And click the link for past polls to see the results on your favorite lingerie items. Bras and panties were neck and neck with 25% each (only 3 votes separated them)

11-12    Winter is coming and it’s time to winterize our wardrobe with that great seasonal outfit…the Sweater Dress. Read Tasi’s tips for accessorizing this chic but comfortable dress on TG Forum.

11-8    Marie Is Princess Natalia Dragomiroff. Read how Marie creates the inner character spirit of the Princess from Murder on the Orient Express for Halloween, the special feelings embued by the character and the authenticity of the Princess’s dress

An often forgotten accessory is the scarf.  We’re going to explore the many stylish ways to wear a scarf in this fun scarf outfit guide in the All About section of the Library

11-6    What is personal branding photography and how do you get great photos taken that represent you in your best self. Listen to this podcast by Carolyn White

11-5    What are fashion styles…well it’s hard to define  but we’ll look at some current names women use to describe their current fashion styles and some should resonate with you in our Primer on Understanding Different Fashion Styles in the Dressing Room

11-4    A Bodycon Dress for a Plus-Sized Girl in Tasi’s blog is my personal story on wearing a bodycon dress. Here are some  tips for wearing a bodycon dress correctly when you are curvy and want to be stylish and chic.

Updates to Tasi’s Fashion Articles in the Dressing Room

Kate Middleton was the best among royals fashion but now she is being challenged by the royal families on the continent. See the list from Hello magazine and learn their style lessons. They may be royalty, but when it comes to fashion; they own their looks and dress right for the occasion with style and grace.

Being more stylish is a constant theme among older women, but as we show, we are older, wiser, and more stylish than millennial women

10-27     Doris Day was known as “the girl next door” and her style inspiration often reflects the  look of the average woman and one that we try to emulate as crossdressers and transwomen. I’ve updated the original article from last year with more information about Doris. As a star in romantic comedies, Doris’s look is one that you’ll enjoy.

10-26    Every year during the first week of October for the last 11 years the River City Gems have hosted “Sparkle” which is one of the best organized and planned CD/TG/TS events on the West Coast.  This year was no disappointment as DonnaKelli walks us through four fun days of the event. Read about DonnaKelli and Friends in the Lounge.

10-25     Adding color to our outfits makes a difference. It plays a vital role in our lives while making a difference in how we are perceived in a very positive way. Read about it on Tasi’s blog.

10-24    We cached together a composite of some of the better makeup tricks and tips for trans women that are actually practical and helpful. These are the best on the internet and some you can download and printout for future reference. Now there is no reason not to look your very best. So here are Actually Helpful Makeup Tricks for Trans Women in Best Face Forward in the Dressing Room

10-23   16 Looks that Women Love and all but two are new, from thin to plus size. You will be amazed. I’m keeping my dressmaker busy. They are all so chic and beautiful.

 Caty Ryan, after a long absence, has the chance to once again be herself. Follow her progress as she transforms herself into Caty for a long the Return of “She”. in Out and About stories in the Lounge.

10-19     Should Your Style Change After 50  – a look at how to modernize your style as you grow older. These 5 style hints on Tasi’s blog may just be what you need to feel and look better.

10-17     So You Need To Use the Ladies Room, originally published in 2013, has now been updated with Information on using toilets around the world. Having lived in Iran and Saudi Arabia and traveled in over 60 countries, I can tell you there are many differences, but these guidelines will give you a heads up on what to expect. An unlike American toilets, foreign toilets are more often unisex than not, especially outside the major tourist areas.

10-16     We all love our LBDs – little black dress – but have you ever considered the LRD – little red dress as an option. Marie Greene explores this wonderful option and how and where to best wear it. in Tall Gal Chit Chat in the Lounge.

Looks Women Love is a compilation of looks from leading fashion-forward  retailers, from pages of my favorite bloggers both in the U.S. and abroad, and from Sister House pins most looked at by other pinners on Pinterest. We have expanded our reach by including fashions from fashion-forward retailers loved by our readers so go check out our latest looks and check back often

10-15     Today we go into exhaustive detail on how to wear a “body conscious” or “bodycon” dress on TG Forum. In the past these tight style dresses were thought to only be flattering on skinny and slightly curvy women, and many ladies still don’t wear them fearing their tightness will only highlight figure flaws. Tasi gives you ways to wear that sexy dress you love no matter what your figure is like

10-14    Growing Up Alone is the story of Mcki Finn, a married heterosexual crossdresser living in the Los Angeles area.. A member of CHIC, her story resonates with with those of us that grew up in the 50s and 60s.

10-10    Skirting Gender:  Life and Lessons of a Crossdresser by Vera Wylde is not just the typical crossdresser autobiography, but an insight into the real world of crossdressers, the lives we live, the challenges we face and with some real answers on where we fit into the greater transgender spectrum. Vera Wylde is an icon in the world of crossdressers and I give her book 5 of 5 stars. Read the review here

9-19   The neckline is one of the most overlooked parts of clothing styles that greatly affect how flattering a top or dress will be, regardless of accessories so here we present your guide to the most flattering necklines for your body type in the All About section of the Library

Judy Lynn Daniels is a near fulltime trans girl and a good friend from Fargo. ND wirh an accepting and encouraging wife. She has near total acceptance wherever she goes. This is one of her stories. in our Out and About section of the Lounge.

9-17     Tasi looks at the 2018-2019 Fashion Trends on TG Forum. Looks from the runway, from the bloggers and all those millions of ladies on Pinterest and even a few looks to avoid. Learn the picks of our experts, what body types suit them and how to style them.

9-15     Volunteering is perhaps one of the best ways to gain acceptance by the cis-gender community and Kandi Robbins shows us the results of an active volunteer schedule in Acceptance by Volunteering – Part 1. in Visibility With Style in the Dressing Room

The average older woman still struggles with feelings of invisibility This is not a good thing be you a genetic or a trans women. Tasi talks about how to overcome these feeling of invisibility in The Invisible Older Woman in Femme d’Certain Age in the Dressing Room.

9-09     Determining the quality of your clothing and accessories will have an immediate and a long term impact on your selection of clothing and accessories, how long your clothes will actually last and on your happiness with your overall look.  We look at women’s clothing, shoes and handbags    Check it out in the Library.

9-06     Going out in public may be one of the biggest challenges you face as a crossdresser. 1/3 of all crossdressers never do go out and the reasons are many. Tasi talks about this on her blog

                      Read about the future of Sister House in Tasi’s Housemistress column below


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