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Female Voice Club

Isn’t it great to have a lovely female voice as you are out and about shopping, attending parties,and meeting friends during the holidays. Join the Female Voice Club and you’ll be quickly watching your wonderful holiday looks to a beautiful voice too.

What’s Your Favorite Look?

A brand new and fun poll below. Just scroll down. .7 fabulous choices with photos to help you choose. And click the link for past polls to see the results on your favorite lingerie items. Bras and panties were neck and neck with 25% each (only 3 votes separated them)

Meet  Kandi Robbins

Meet Kandi Robbins, our newest feature author in the Dressing Room. Kandi will be writing about Visibility With Style. She is a dresser extraordinaire. This girl from Cleveland, Ohio has that inborn sense of style that most of us could only wish for and she has been accepted by her women friends unquestioningly despite what male traits she feels are evident. Kandi will join us each month with her advice for going out and being in public with the real life interactions with the men and women surrounding her. There will be plenty of photos to illustrate her style. Her Introduction to Visibility With Style is here

New Humor below (updated 8-01)

8-14     There are many challenges to finding a bathing suit for a crossdresser or trans girl. Join us as we share Rhonda Lee’s shopping experience in Bathing Suit Shopping: Decisions! Decisions!.in the Dressing Room. It is both practical and funny.

8-11     It’s rare to be able to combine my love of fashion with my love of trains but Fashion on the Orient Express does just that. Romance, mystery and fashion in one short article on Tasi’s blog but there are some great links and a full length movie.

8-07   If you love Womanless Beauty Pageants as I do, then don’t miss Womanless Beauty Pageants Are Still a Big Hit also on Tasi’s blog. Updated on 8-7 to include a new list of Womanless Beauty Pageants from Stana at Femulate and an interesting link to a historical trend on Womanless Weddings.

8-02    Not Trans Enough – The Ugly Side of Being Trans is the story on Tasi’s blog of yet another group of transsexuals claiming support for transgender women but who want nothing to do with “just us crossdressers”. When will it stop and we start to become a whole community. This article was updated on 8-14 with a postscript.

8-01    A purse is a mysterious thing even more so because it’s the second most favorite accessory for women (close 2nd to shoes). It says a lot about you so find out all the secrets to choosing a purse in our section on All About Handbags. And scroll to the bottom for that fun video about being a mysterious thing

Raise your hand if you have thin lips. Corrie from Femme Makeovers and Lisa Eldridge have the answers and techniques to correct thin lips no more and you’ll be more lovely. It’s all in Best Face Forward in the Dressing Room.

7-23    Leopard print has been adorning women since the time of the pharaohs. It is found in art work from centuries ago and was very popular in the mid twentieth century. Always coming back into fashion, leopard print is associated with strength, sexiness and feline poise. Tasi tells all in Loving Leopard – a Timeless Trend on TG Forum.

7-22     Marilyn Monroe is probably the most iconic actress of all times and she is our first Fashion Icon in the Playroom. Most of us have seen her most iconic white swirling dress, but perhaps not her other iconic “Happy Birthday, Mr President” dress which is probably the world’s most expensive dress too. See it here in all its glory

7-19     Yes, It’s all about the clothes, Tasi’s latest offering on her blog. How often have cross-dressers heard sarcasm like this from transitioning girls, but they need to look back at themselves for clothes are important in creating the persona of all women and in identifying our femininity. We tell all here.

7-17     You’ll never enjoy crossdressing more than browsing our selections in the Comedy Theater in the Family Room. Just added was this short film from The Three Stooges (Larry, Moe and Shemp) femulating in the 1950s short Self Made Maids.

7-16     One of the keys to good dressing is knowing your body shape and the type of clothes that flatter that body shape. We have all the answers for you in our Body Shape Compendium in the Library. But now we’ve made it even easier by helping you find a celebrity with your body shape. Justine Leconte walks us through this process in her latest video (scroll to bottom of article). The last step in that process is to create a Lookbook of your favorite celebrity’s style and use it when you go shopping.

Our All About Shoes section in the Library is simply amazing and chock full of useful and fun information. Just added are these tips on wearing heels but still being comfortable with these High Heel Hacks

7-13    The human female has so many more reminders of femininity compared to the human male and our tall girl correspondent, Marie Greene, explores many of them in Gentle Reminders of Femininity in the Lounge. This is a must-read piece if you love being a girl and appreciate the feminine arts

7-09     The feeling of “being a girl” was never expressed better than through the photos of the cross-dressers that frequented Casa Susanna back in the 50s and 60s. See for yourself through this photo montage on Tasi’s blog.

7-08    Donnakelli has been out with the girls and their wives to many fun places in the last several months including the Cicada Club in Los Angeles and Gilley’s and Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas. Here are her adventures.

7-04     It’s a very pleasant seven hours of girl time and girl talk as Marie and her friend shop and talk about their fashion finds under Tall Gal Chit-Chat in the Lounge

7-03    Accessorizing is a learned skill that trans and genetic women need to master. Sally McGraw gives us a primer in the art of accessorizing for a flattering look

7-02     Do you love to wear panties, then don’t miss Panties – A special Pleasure on Tasi’s blog. Carollyn Olson gives us her take on wearing panties 24/7 and then we look at how wearing panties can be especially exhilarating.

There’s a strong push to accepting the biological explanation as scientific proof for trans identity, but there’s a downside to this reasoning as we see in this article on Biology is Not Destiny. . You need to be aware of all sides to the argument.

7-01     Meet Marie Ann Greene, our newest author on Sister House…a tall girl who will guide us through all we need to know about dressing if you crack the 5-10 height barrier, Her first article, Tall Girl Guidelines and Fault Lines is in the lounge under her byline, Tall Gal Chit Chat. Be sure to comment on her article and she welcomes all questions.

6-29     Wind up your skirts at the movies is a new and exhilarating experience at the new 4XD movies. Join Tasi in her experience at the latest Jurassic World movie on Tasi’s blog

6-25     What are your sources of inspiration in choosing your clothes. Tasi explores these sources in what is called “Street Style Fashion”on TG Forum.

Our wives are our most important relationship and it’s important that we listen to them. It’s rare to have them speak but we have gathered some the their most important views in the Library under The Wives Speak Out. We have just added this piece from Crossdresser Heaven on the Insecurities of Loving a Crossdresser. It’s most insightful.

6-21     One of my bucket list items has always been to participate in a PRIDE parade and my chance came this month in Merida in I Rode the PRIDE Float on Tasi’s blog. Here’s a chance to see how PRIDE is celebrated across the border.

6-05     In Bitten by the Youth Bug or alternatively are my clothes age-appropriate for my advancing years, we explore how mature women have become style icons. One of my favorite sections on Sister House is Femme d’Çertain Age in the Dressing Room which focus’s on fashion and style for the over 50 women.

You would think that being older, wiser and more stylish would be a given, but not so. In discussing fashion faux pas’ of trans women, high on the list was the perennial favorite of not dressing your age. We show you how older women can dress stylishly without looking like a millennial.

6-03    It’s with great sadness that I report that Rose’s Repartee has ceased publishing. Repartee is a British TV/CD magazine that I wrote for, first in the printed edition and most recently in its online version. Repartee has been the premiere magazine for the transgender and crossdressing community in Europe for 27 years. Read the whole story here.

We explore the problem of shopping for clothes if you are a plus-size woman in Just Too Bad If You Are Plus-Size on Tasi’s blog

6-01      Just updated All About Hosiery. Everything you ever wanted to know about hose and some really great illustrative videos

                      Read about the future of Sister House in Tasi’s Housemistress column below


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