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This is a list of completed  polls at Sister House and the results. You may use them as long as you attribute back to the source here at Sister House

September/October 2016 Poll


Is it true that Blondes have more fun? What is your favorite color of wig?  60 votes


35%     Brunettes

35%     Redheads

15%     Blondesh

7%     Grey

5%    I really don’t care

3%     Some other crazy color

April/May 2016 Poll


How often do you go outside the house fully dressed?  (110 votes)


33%     Never

27%     1-4 times a year

15%     1-2 times a month

12%     Several times a week

  7%     Every day

  6%     Weekly

March 2016 Poll


What is your normal everyday profession?  (57 votes)


28%      Professional

21%     Technical

19%     Business

16%     Skilled Labor

12%     Other

4%     The Arts

July 2015 Poll


Where do you like to wear the hem of your dress or skirt?  (70 votes)


31%     1-2 in above the knee (Flirty)

30%     At the knee (Proper)28%     Professional

  9%     5 in above the knee (Asking for it)

  7%     4 in above the knee (Provocative)

  6%     6 in above the knee (Slut)

  6%     7 in above the knee (Whore)

  4%     3 in above the knee (Cheeky)

  4%     1-2 in below knee (Old-fashioned)

  3%     3 in below the knee (Matronly)

April 2015 Poll


Who knows about your crossdressing?  88 Votes  (multiple answers allowed)


70%     My wife or S.O

28%     Other CDs that I meet with

23%     Family member(s) outside the immediate family

20%     No one at all. I am completely in the closet

19%     My grown children

11%     Neighbors

  6%     Co-worker(s)

  3%     My minor children

  2%     Everyone. I don’t hide it at all

March 2015 Poll


What’s the primary way you choose the colors you wear?   55 Votes


33%        I buy my favorite colors

20%       I stick with the colors that complement my coloring

15%       I buy colors related to how I want to feel, i.e., pink for ruffly or young, red or black for sexy, etc

11%       I copy the colors I’ve admired on others’ outfits or on mannequins

  9%      My closet looks like a total rainbow. I don’t really favor any particular color

  7%      I buy the “in” colors of the season

  5%      I don’t pay much attention to the color. I mainly buy for style

February 2015 Poll


Which Outfit Would Make You Happiest?  117 Votes


27%     Chic day dress

15%     Wedding dress

13%     Skirt with 50s-style crinoline

12%     Sexy club attire

  8%     Ball gown

  7%     Ruffled little girl dress

  6%     Traditional chiffon “tea” dress

  6%     Maid’s costume

  6%     Other

  1%     Leather look

January 2015 Poll


Plans for the New Year – What kind of changes, if any, do you foresee in 2015?  70 Votes

RESULTS: (multiple answers allowed)

43%     I dress and don’t foresee any real changes this year.

26%     I plan to join a new group or attend a new conference

24%     I plan to buy items like breast forms or a wig for the first time

24%     I plan to go out in public for the first time

23%     I plan to have a professional makeover

  7%     I plan to start hormones

  6%     I plan to “come out” to my partner

  3%     I plan to go full time

  1%     I don’t yet dress and don’t foresee being able to start this year

December 2014 Poll


Have you used hormones or surgery to feminize your body? Do you plan to?   75 Votes


39%     I dream of a serious “re-do” but know it’s not possible in my current life

23%     I’m not interested. My makeovers are strictly temporary.

15%     I wish I could make some minor changes, but it’s not possible in my current life

  9%     I’m considering hormones and/or surgery but haven’t yet done it

  5%     I’ve gotten some minor “help” but nothing major or very noticeable

  5%     I’ve made some changes that are fairly noticeable. I hope to do more

  4%     I’ve entirely changed my look but still spend time in both modes

November 2014Poll


What’s Your Very Favorite Part of Getting Dressed?   104 votes


50%     Slipping into lingerie or stockings

16%     Doing my makeup

  9%     Putting on my street clothing

12%     Definitely I have swimwear, and it’s not all that conservative either!

  8%     Preparing my body – bathing, shaving, lotions, etc

  8%     Stepping into my shoes

  2%     Putting on a wig (or styling my own hair)

  2%      Painting my nails

2%     Choosing my jewelry

2%     Finishing touches – belts, purses, etc

  1%      Adding a touch of scent


October 2014 Poll


Donning a swimsuit is a whole different ballgame from dressing in a skirt or slacks. Is this something that you do?  75 votes.


36%     I’d like to wear swimwear but frankly I can’t imagine ever “camouflaging” that well.

21%     I dress but I’m not really interested in swimwear.

17%     I have swimwear but am not really comfortable appearing in it.

12%     Definitely I have swimwear, and it’s not all that conservative either!

11%     I’m comfortable wearing swimwear and wear it as a normal part of my wardrobe.

  3%     I don’t yet dress

September 2014 Poll


Many CDs like to mix modes. They may be in business attire, for example, but underneath are some lacy panties. Or maybe more openly they’ve got on a sparkly tennis bracelet. How about you?  93 votes.


38%     I sometimes wear female lingerie (or other items) concealed under male clothing

25%     I always have at least one female item mixed with my male clothing.

17%     I don’t usually mix male and female styles.

8%     I sometimes openly mix female with the male. (nail polish, jewelry, shoes, etc)

7%     I never dress in male mode anymore.

5%     I only dress completely in male mode at the present.

August 2014 Poll


If you were dressed and in public and a genetic woman approached and started talking “girl to girl”, what would your reaction be? If you don’t go out in public, try to imagine yourself in the situation.  90 votes


26%      I’d be comfortable chatting with her as equals. I would not tell her I was TG

19%      I’d be comfortable chatting with her as equals. I’d tell her that I was TG

18%      I’d welcome the interaction but be a little unsure of my own role. I would tell her I was TG

13%      I’d welcome the interaction but be a little unsure of my own role. I would not tell her I was TG

9%      I’d be uncomfortable but would stick it out, probably nodding more than actually talking. I’d be relieved when she left.

8%      I’d suggest that we do something together. I’d be sure she knew I was TG

6%     I’d suggest that we do something together. I would not tell her I was TG

1%     I’d be terrified and try to get away as soon as possible


June 2014 Poll


What Kind of Panties Do You Most Often Wear?


33%     Classic Full Cover

18%     Bikini

12%     Boy – Short Style

11%      High-cut Legs

 8%      “Cheeky”

 7%      Hip Rider Full Cover

 6%     G-string

 4%      Ruffled Baby-doll

  1%     Other

May 2014 Poll


What is your very favorite type of thing to buy? We know that it’s all fun, but which is the dearest to your heart when it comes to shopping?      102 Votes


43%     Lingerie

27%     Shoes

14%     Day dresses

  5%     Wigs

 3%      Cosmetics

 3%     Evening wear

 2%     Jewelry

 2%     Separates

 1%     Purses or other accessories

April 2014 Poll


How many Cross-dressers have you met in person?     80 votes


31%     None yet

20%     1 to 3

  9%     4 to 9

10%     10 to 19

30%     20 or more

March 2014 Poll


How old were you the first time you wore complete makeup? (Not just lipstick, but foundation, eyes, blush, etc.)?     97 votes


5%      I haven’t yet been fully made up

0%     Under 5

4%     5 to 11

21%   12 to 19

29%    Twenties

 19%    Thirties

  9%    Forties

  8%    Fifties

  4%    Sixities

  1%     Seventies or older

February 2014 Poll


How many wigs do you own?     110 Voters


4%       I don’t dress right now

14%     I wear my own hair

44%    1 to 3

25%    4 to 6

  8%    7 to 10

  3%    11 to 15

  2%    More than 15


January 2014 Poll


If you were going to the mall for some shopping, what heel height would you most likely choose?     154 Voters


16%     Less than 1 inch

35%     Between 1 and 2 inches

25%     Between 2 and 3 inches

16%    Between 3 and 4 inches

  5%    Between 4 and 5 inches

  3%    Between 5 and 6 inches

  1%    Over 6 inches (the taller the better)

December 2013 Poll


What kind of earrings do you wear?  95 voters


5%     I don’t wear earrings.

24%   Only clip-ons, and I don’t plan to ever pierce my ears

36%    Clip-ons for now but I hope to get my ears pierced some day

3%      I have pierced ears, but wear both pierced and clip-ons

29%    I have pierced ears and only wear pierced earrings

3%      I mostly wear other types of earrings like magnetic or wrapped

November 2013 Poll


If you had 20 minutes to spend $100 in a department store, where would you go first?  154 voters


38%     Lingerie

21%     Shoes

  5%     Jewelry

  5%     Cosmetics

19%     Dresses

  6%     Separates

  3%     Evening Wear

  1%     Purses

  2%     Other (Scarves, Hats, Belts, Outerwear, etc)


October 2013 Poll

QUESTION:  How Hard Is It To Find Women’s Shoes That Fit?     122 Voters


30%     Size 10 or smaller I can find almost anything I want

43%     Size 11 -12 Most places have my size but not in every style

20%     Size 13 I have to look hard, and the selection isn’t great

5%      Size 14 Sexy shoes exist, but for anything else it’s really iffy

1%      Size 15 Lower-heeled (or lower-priced) shoes are almost non-existent

2%      Size 16 I’ve already ruined one wig tearing my hair out

0%      Size 17 or larger. I’m thinking about gluing sequins on shoe boxes  

September 2013 Poll

QUESTION: How Freely Do You Move About While Dressed     281 Voters


3%     I don’t dress at all, but boy, do I dream!

13%   I only dress in secret. If I have a partner, she doesn’t know.

17%   I dress openly but only within my home.

15%   I sometimes venture out to a “safe” place like a group meeting.

19%   I go out in public, but I feel unsure of myself.

31%   I go wherever I want – restaurants, shopping, theater

2%     I not only go out in public, I intentionally flaunt my style by dressing and acting a bit “over the top”

August 2013 Poll

QUESTION: How Many Pairs of Ladies Shoes Do You Own?     133 Voters


22%          0-5 pairs

28%          6-10 pairs

21%          11-20 pairs

17%          21-50 pairs

11%          51-100 pairs

1%          Over 100 pairs

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  1. I own over 113 pair of hi heel shoes and 10 pairs of flats. I wear the flats when I go to the beach and walk around in my halter top and short shorts.

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