About Kandi

Kandi resides in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. She is married to a wonderful, accepting wife and has two grown children. She is a crossdresser and has been since very early childhood, finally accepting who she is and has been very active in going out in public since 2015.
Kandi tells us she usually goes out three times weekly, mostly to attend her church as well as volunteering for various organizations, which include The Cleveland Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Great Lakes Science Center, North Coast Men’s Chorus, Greater Cleveland Volunteers and three different community theaters. “I cannot express the joy that I have found in my life since Kandi became a reality and my purpose in life is to help anyway I can with my sisters and to be out and public to show all we are no different than anyone else. I always seek to interact directly with the public (which is why my activities all involve direct public interaction). She also enjoys attending the theater, activities associated with her church and many other things women enjoy.
Her sole purpose is to help other women understand that the world is indeed very good, we can go out as ourselves and there are no reasons outside of our personal circumstances for not going out in public.
She writes daily a positive and uplifting blog, Kandi’s Land where she discusses her adventures, provides advice and in general, shows how we can all live our lives as ourselves.
Jan 08

Tasi Zuriak R.I.P.

Our friend Tasi passed away on Christmas Day.  She was a pioneer in the CD/TG community and she will be sadly missed.  I know she is in a lovely gown now looking down on all of us.  Bless you, Tasi.

Kandi Robbins