Should Your Style Change After 50

Should Your Style Change After 50

Should your style change after 50. An interesting question. We’ve all read those articles on what to wear at any age, but your style is still more or less set by your  late 30s and 40s. So why be concerned. Well our skin does change in color and firmness and unless you’re a fitness freak, you probably have unwanted sagging in places that we prefer not be seen. And if you are into fast fashion, then the styles are mostly youth-centered.

This is especially true for the casual look after 50. When it comes to giving away your age, one of the biggest pitfalls is casual dress. Unfortunately, many women tend to fall into these two categories: those who dress like a 20 year old and those who wear the same outfits they wore 20 years ago. Let’s face it, ladies, neither strategy works

I’m not saying to ignore those lists of dos and don’ts but life is meant to be enjoyed. Yes, wear what makes you happy but give some thought to these things that I am embracing with thanks to Jennifer at My Well Styled Life for the ideas.

Texture and Pattern

Embrace texture and pattern. Wrinkles and sun damage may be hard-earned badges of midlife that we’re lucky to have earned but we may not want to accentuate them. Wearing texture and patterned fabric reduces the appearance of texture on our face. I love smooth and shiny fabrics but since they enhance the rough texture on my skin I choose to wear them further from my face. I seldom chose patterns until I discovered the fun they can add to an outfit.  but I love how the pattern of a pretty scarf can bring life to an outfit. Opt for a suede jacket over a leather one or a subtly patterned blouse over a satin one.

texture and pattern


Black is always chic and oh so easy to build a wardrobe around. Trust me, my closet used to resemble one a mortician would own. Sadly, that chicest of colors can leach the life out of our complexion as our natural coloring fades. The stark contrast that black creates can easily wash us out adding years to our look and making us look tired. Opt for a navy, deep gray, chocolate-brown or olive as an alternative to black. They are often more flattering so experiment with color and don’t forget lighter neutrals too.


Comfortable shoes

By this time many of us have developed foot problems. Years of abuse from wearing high heels, ill-fitting shoes, injuries, and weight changes often cause bunions, hammer toes, arthritis or simply painful feet. I have all of these and am due for another bunion surgery if I’m not careful with my footwear selection. Now’s the time to invest in comfy shoes. I used to think comfortable was synonymous with ugly but no more! Shoe companies are wising up and designing shoes we can wear that look fashionable. Opt for wider toe boxes, cushioned soles and insoles, and shoes with arch support.



Many women believe they should lighten up their makeup as they age. The truth is our natural coloring is fading, see above, and the boost we can get from makeup is nothing short of fun. I stopped wearing foundation because it settled in my lines which enhanced them, not my goal. My eye makeup has gotten deeper and my lipstick stronger.  I am not as theatrical as some or as light-handed as others but don’t let wearing makeup in midlife intimidate you. This stuff washes off and can brighten your look. Opt for bright rather than dark lipstick and matte rather than shiny eyeshadow



A Touch of Trend

Classic fashion pieces are the backbone of many wardrobes and stand the test of time. However, I believe adding a small touch of trend keeps us looking modern;  and can be an inexpensive, relatively simple way to freshen our looks each season.

mixing classic with trendy look


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