Summer Outfits for the Office

It’s no secret; dressing for success at the office during the summer months has its challenges, no matter if you work in a conservative, creative, or casual environment.

These 15 office-friendly looks for summer from the Corporate Fashionista is a  zesty collection of inspirational summer looks from some favored personal style bloggers to help you combat any what-to-wear to work conundrums, leaving you more time and energy to enjoy the eventful season to its fullest:

Here are some more great looks. Check out the Sister House Boutique for some great finds

2 thoughts on “Summer Outfits for the Office

  1. PS. From Patrice again, I should have been more specific in my note above where I referred to her friend….I should have said “Heidi”. The two girls had so much fun meeting up with each other and just doing “girl” things….shopping, being pretty, shopping, shopping…oh did I mention shopping? I love it when they are posing together just as two pretty girls. They are both beautiful women.

  2. Tasi,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful “site” for crossdressers. I am always learning something new. Whether it be from Lori about being a real girl and her wearing pretty dresses and carrying girly purses, to lovely Lisa, and all her experiences of being “her”. I can’t get over how helpful she had been with choosing what type of bra to wear, great suggestions on shopping, wearing pantyhose, buying “our” special girl products (panty liners, pads, etc.) She is a beautiful woman. I love reading about her experiences meeting up for the first time her girlfriend. They go shopping together, pose for pictures in the park, and are just “girls” together. I’ve been dressing for more years than I can remember. Two gg’s know about me and have helped me for years, but that could take forever to tell. So anyway, thank you so much, Tasi….it is so nice being a “girl”, oh, how I wish it was true. Enough from me….hugs.

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