DonnaKelli and Her Stylish Friends

DonnaKelli and her stylish friends is an important addition to this section. Just as a one girl will have her own unique style that works for her, it’s helpful to learn that styles differ from girl to girl and we should learn important lessons from each of them. So DonnaKelli goes on to say…..

What I want to do now is to take this column away from me and focus on other T-girls who have an individual style that works for them.  I have invited a few of my friends to submit pictures and descriptions of why a particular dress or outfit works for their body type.

First up is a close friend and Vanity Club Sister, Heidi Phox. Heidi is one of those girls who somehow always seems put together even when she dresses down. I’ve met Heidi and in person she is as nice on the inside as she is beautiful on the outside.

Here are two outfits Heidi described and why they are favorites and work for her.

Visiting Stylish T-Girl “Heidi Phox”

The first is an outfit for a night I went to a club dancing. I chose jeans so that I could slip some money and ID into my pockets and not have to worry about a purse while out on the dance floor. I wore boots with low heels since I knew we would be there for a while and I’d be on my feet quite a bit. Finally I wore a loose top. The sleeves of the top were long enough to cover most of my arms which I am self conscious about. Also it gathers in the middle to accentuate a feminine shape. Additionally, it is a synthetic material that will not show sweat if the dance floor gets too hot. And when I’m out cutting the rug with my girlfriends, the dance floor is always hot!

Heidi Phox stylish friends

The second is a dress I wore to a museum. The cotton sundress was kind of short so that I could show off my legs a little. It had spaghetti straps so I wore a long cardigan over it to cover my shoulders and arms. The cardigan has a little gather in the back to accentuate the feminine shape but I added a thin belt to enhance the effect. I usually prefer bare legs when wearing sundresses but since I had dressed it up a bit I was comfortable wearing nylons to improve the shape of my legs. However that meant I had to wear closed toed shoes. The nude pumps were the perfect final touch.

Heidi Phox stylish friends

If you would like to read and see more of Heidi you can visit her at

Visiting Stylish T-Girl “Lena”

My second Visiting Stylish Friends couldn’t be here this month, or in the months to come. My friend and Vanity Club Sister Lena left us this week. She was an Icon to those who knew of her and a friend to anyone who met her. (Note from Tasi: Lena was my friend too and she is sorely missed, so this column is indeed a tribute to her and her contribution to helping t-girls become stylish)

Lena is one of the reasons I developed an individual style and always had comments or suggestions for what might look good, better or best on me.

She is the friend who suggested I try the “Weather Girl” look and wrote me many times regarding my “Weather Forecasts”, she had a wit and wisdom beyond mine and while she was beautiful and friendly she was also a highly educated and intelligent woman who could match wits with the best.  I feel honored to have known her but saddened that she is gone from us.  She is with her wife now and the joy in Heaven overwhelms the sadness those of us here on earth feel.

I asked Lena’s best (really best) friend, Chriss if I could use a picture of the two of them together for this column and she agreed.

Here is a picture of Lena and her best friend and Sister Chriss.

Lena and Chryss Kohlman


I will ask her BFF Chriss if she wants to be a visiting Stylish T-girl next month, this month belongs to Lena…..

I hope all who read my column enjoy the time you spend with me and if you have ideas questions or suggestions please let me know.  I’ll try to answer all your emails and questions or focus on most of them here in this forum.  Have a wonderful month and as always be safe out there sisters…

Warm Hugs


SisterHouse Style Columnist

Vanity Club Sister #346



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  1. You are a beautiful woman, Donnakelli. Your styles of clothing and makeup are the best. You, I think, are prettier than most women out there. You know how to “dress”. Thank you for all your hints, etc


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