Eloquii Expands Its Plus-Size Offering


Eloquii is one of the most fashion forward and contemporary retailers in the plus-size market. I love all their designs and especially their dresses. Now I just need to win the lottery to buy them all.

Eloquii dresses

Eloquii announced today via email and social media that starting in Fall 2018, they will offering all their styles in sizes 26 and 28. But they did not stop there… Eloquii also announced that they will be extending their sizes to 30-32 in the fall as well.

With this said, let’s support Eloquii in its efforts. If they are willing to offer a broader size range, we have to be willing to back them up with our voices and wallet. Spread the word on social media and shop the brand.

So let’s celebrate this, share it on social media and talk about it! Let’s buy some stuff, wear it, slay it and post images to social media with the hashtag #XOQ. Let Eloquii know how they can serve YOU, the customer, better. It’s obvious they are listening.

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