Older, Wiser, and more Stylish

More Stylish-older-women-

L -R Diane Von Furstenberg , Iris Apfel, Linda Rodin

Being more stylish is a constant theme among older women. The girls on the Facebook group, Trans Beauty Network, were recently discussing  fashion and, in particular, fashion faux pas’of trans women seen by the group. High on the list of mistakes was the perennial favorite of “not dressing your age” meaning you shouldn’t be a 50-60 year old woman and dress like your granddaughter.. And this does not extend to just the trans community  but it is still a common observation about women in general. When TLC’s How Not To dress was still on he air, this was a common theme.

So, to those girls, you are missing the boat because as we see in the article, Older Wiser and More Stylish than that ragtag group of millennials that they try to imitate.

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