Oct 24

Actually Helpful Makeup Tricks for Trans Women

Surprisedly there are few actually helpful makeup tricks for trans women among the 1000s of makeup videos on You Tube and 1000s of makeup articles in beauty and fashion magazines . So we went searching for makeup and beauty tips that would be truly useful for you and cached together a composite of some of the best tips and tricks for your use.

TG makeup tricks and tips

Needless to say applying makeup may be the most important part of being a crossdresser or trans woman. Certainly a flawless face goes a long way in convincing others of your femininity and while you may have masculine features to hide, makeup does wonders in creating the perfect image for all women. And if you don’t believe me, check out these celebrities before and after makeup bearing in mind that many women have masculine features too

Every girl needs to develop her own style and variation to fit her personality, but our experts below will put you ahead of the game.with their abundance of makeup tricks and tips for transwomen.

Makeup tricks by Beauty Consultants

L-R Carollyn Olson, Monica Prata, Transformations by Gina

Carollyn Olson was our first Stylish Crossdresser because she is extraordinary in her presentation, both in makeup and dress. I asked Carollyn to share her step-by-step instructions for makeup application with us which you should keep handy so you don’t forget the steps. To make it easier for you, I created a pdf of Step by Step Makeup Application for Trans Women that you can download and keep with your makeup bag.

Monica Prata is a makeup artist and transgender coach in New York. In this article from Buzzfeed she shares some of the most helpful and amazing makeup tips she’s learned over the years. Monica asked four trans women — Kacey, Diana, Kara, and Lea — to tell us a little bit about the makeup styles they each preferred. Then she created each of their ideal looks, teaching us everything along the way so we could share with our readers. Here is a 19 Helpful Makeup Tips for Transwomen-pdf version that you can also download.

Transformations By Gina, is an L.A.-based makeup/photography service for crossdressers and T-Girls. This is a 9 part series of tutorials for makeup application beginning to end. These tutorials are also available on a special 3-DVD set of makeup instruction videos designed specially for crossdressers, transsexuals and transgender women. Unfortunately Gina’s website is no longer active but her videos are still available on YouTube.

 Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 1-Taping.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 2-Beard Cover.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 3-Foundation.avi

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt 4 Eyebrow Shaping 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 5A-Smokey Eye.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 5B-Smokey Eye.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 6-Lashes.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 7-False Lip.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 8-Eyeliner.avi 

Crossdresser Makeup Tutorial Pt. 9-Finishing Touch.avi 

Finally some fairly detailed videos by transwomen, Casey Blake, Stef Sanjati  and Cetine Dale



Sep 10

Age Is Just A Number for Beauty Queens

Age is just a number which is why older people are great. They’ll tell you about the war, they’ll deliver you an old Werther’s Original from their purse and they’ll listen to you practice the trumpet even though you are terrible and need a lot of practice. But old people are more than just storytellers, candy-givers and listeners. They’re people, and they like to have fun like everyone else. Yep, you can be over 60 and be a beauty queen too


Marilyn O’Leary, Miss Nevada

Photographer Everett Meissner captured this joie de vivre beautifully in his photo series taken at the Ms. Senior American pageant in Massachusetts. Meissner tells us, “With the energy in the air, it was easy to forget that the woman who just rushed down the hallway was in her 80’s.” And the women did not want him to forget they were 80, and could you blame them? Meissner remembers one woman leaning in to say, “doesn’t she look great? You know she’s 80?!”

Not only were they proud of their age, they were proud of their bodies. “I was shooting one of the older women there and when I was just about to start, she said, ‘oh wait’ and opened the slit of her dress to expose some leg,” Meissner tells us. “I felt that was her way of showing she still had it, which I felt was pretty badass.”

So yeah, these women wear bold lips, sequins, jewels and tiaras like it’s a bachelorette party every night of their lives. And the best part is, they don’t give a f!@# what you or anyone thinks. Sisters are doing it for themselves. Take a look at these glamorous women over 60

It’s known as the first of its kind. The Ms Senior America pageant was created in 1972 to challenge a culture that worshiped youth and dreaded wrinkles. The pageant would embrace the experience, wisdom, dynamism and beauty of the older woman – even if a few had been surgically assisted to escape the ravages of time.

Last October, 61-year-old dentist Kimberly Moore won the pageant with a lip-pouting, hip-wiggling mime of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary routine. Runner-up, Dr Maddy Paschal, sang country song I’d Choose You Again, with a poem she wrote for her husband inserted into the middle. Meanwhile, Marilyn O’Leary, 62 delivered a one-woman duet from La Traviata. Talent was only one of the categories they were judged on – there was also their philosophy of life, community service and poise.


L – Kimberly Moore R – Maddy Paschal

Grace is a word you hear time and again in relation to the pageant – in both the godly and the elegant sense. These women tend to be thankful for what they’ve got, rather than grieving for what they have lost.

Most have lost plenty, though. It’s that time of life. Many will swap stories about cancer and bereavement, disappointing men and mistakes made, but more than anything, they share a hunger for life.

Barbara Hill, 70, talks about how elderly women have changed in her lifetime. “We used to think our grandmas would sit in rocking chairs with shawls, and grandmas are not like that now. They’re very sexy and active, and that helps them stay healthy. I’m as healthy as a bear.”


Barbara Hill, 70
Ms Mississippi

Paschal, 63, entered her first pageant, Junior Miss Transportation, at 12. When she won, her classmates called her Miss Dumbtruck and she vowed never to enter one again. She taught for 40 years, earned a doctorate, became dean of a college and, 51 years on, decided another pageant might be fun. This time it was.

She recites the poem she wrote about her second husband for Ms Senior America: “Just like the words of this old song/ Most of my life I’ve been getting it wrong/ And just when I thought my life was done/ I turn round and here you come.”

Paschal says the contest is very different from the traditional Miss America. “I never felt any of that thing the young women feel, because they’re competitively beautiful. I didn’t feel that was what this was about.” What was it about? “I think they wanted someone who was verbally responsive, who could stand on her feet when questions were being asked.”

Winner Kimberly Moore, yet another doctor (this time of dentistry), would never have thought of entering a pageant in the old days. “I used to think they were a form of exploitation,” she says. It’s amazing how many high-achieving women were in the finals, I say. One, two, three, four PhDs – she’s counting as we speak. “Yes, pageants have evolved, contestants are more educated and well-rounded.”


How has victory changed her life? “It’s the crowning glory. It has given me inspiration to do more things. I can’t stop now.” She hopes to go out to Haiti and Sierra Leone, to share her dental and dancing skills.

Photographer Sheri Manson captured the three-day pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She was struck by the solidarity among the women. “It was a very jovial, positive atmosphere. They’d compliment each other on outfits or talents. There were never negative comments.”

But surely it wouldn’t be a pageant – even among sage, elderly high achievers – without a bit of backstabbing? O’Leary (top photo), who was one of Dean Martin’s original backing group the Golddiggers, admits she was disappointed to finish eighth after her bravura La Traviata duet. “Everybody was convinced I was going to win. But the woman who won was a dentist, and three of the top four had PhDs. I think the judges were looking at credentials I cannot keep up with.”

What did she think of the winner? “One of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen,” she says generously. Then pauses. “We thought she was singing, but she wasn’t.” She pauses again. “You know, the general consensus when she was crowned was that she was fun to watch, but that’s not what you would call true talent. Anybody can pull on a costume and anybody can mimic.” And one final pause. “But no one had any hard feelings.”

Some of the beautiful ladies of the pageant

Ms Arizona and Ms Oklahoma

L – Maddy Paschal, 62, Ms Arizona R – Lanese Craft, 73, Ms ­Oklahoma

Ms Missouri and Ms Louisiana

L – Jacquelyn Crawford, 72,  Ms Missouri R – Barbara Travis, 62, Ms Louisiana

Ms California and Ms Pennsylvania

L – Pamela Wheeler, 63, Ms California
R – Marie Tennant, 69, Ms Pennsylvania

Ms Utah and Ms Ohio

L – Sheryl Lee Wilson, 65, Ms Utah
R – Tula Serves, 86, Ms Ohio

Ms Florida

Jeanette Rosenbaum, 68, Ms Florida

It’s too bad they don’t have a beauty pageant for the mature trans lady because for sure these two fabulous trans ladies would be part of it


L – Rita Doyle, 85 R – Gyllian Symthe, 73

Sources  The GuardianThe Loop,

Nov 21

Balancing Wide Shoulders

Looking good in clothing cut for an X figure can be very difficult when you yourself have a V shape, and the problem intensifies if you like body-hugging clothes.    While there is nothing that will suddenly shrink too-broad shoulders, there are several ways to help balance your figure, both literally and by fooling the eye.

Panty with Wrap-Around Padding2 - BUBPerhaps the most obvious course of action is to add some padding, anywhere from a tiny bit to a noticeable curve, depending on your comfort level.     A panty with padding that enhances both the hips and derriere is a great way to get believable shape.     Some newer styles have two large wrap-around pads rather than four small area-specific ones.   If you have a V figure and like fitted straight clothing, you should consider a bit of padding as essential. (1)

If after adding some gentle roundness to your lower body your shoulders are still the obvious strong point of your silhouette, you have two more choices:    You can chose clothing whose silhouette helps balance your body, or you can simply try to fool the eye by choosing certain patterns in the clothing.

Sequin Love Skirt 2 - SONSIFirst let’s look at clothing that helps balance your body.    Choosing dresses or skirts that have some fullness to them will obviously put some X into your silhouette, especially if you’ve already added some gentle padding.    If you have a narrow waist and hip area, skirts that noticeably puff out below the waist with pleats or gathers are a great way to add some balance.   Even if you prefer pants, there are styles with which are cut to look full through the hips.    Or, if you prefer very slim pants, you might choose a tunic top and then belt it so that it flairs out in the hip area.

Fooling the eye is one of the oldest tricks in the visual design world.    If you have running-back shoulders and prefer pencil skirts, you need to at least look for skirts with patterns that will pull the eye away from your predominant shoulders.    A skirt with horizontal striping is one way.    It can be one or Reverse Rib Henley Sweater - METROtwo broad stripes or an all-over narrow stripe, either way the design will pull the eye down while the horizontal nature of the pattern will make your shoulders less of a show.   A border print running along the hem is another way to give balance to your shoulders. (2)

A few other tricks for fooling the eye are color block dresses, which keep the eye busy seeing sections separately so that the visual flow from broad shoulders to smaller hips is broken up.    Sweetheart and similarly open necklines are also good at fooling the eye because the focus is on the open area which cuts the width of the shoulders into visible and invisible. (3)

Harlow Faux Wrap - SONSIMany of the IGIGI dresses have a dark top and full colorful skirt, making them perfect for adding visual bulk to your lower body.    Many Kiyonna dresses have sweetheart necklines and wrap shapes that add lower-body fullness.   Neither of these brands is particularly cheap, but it’s far better to have half the number of outfits, all of which are complimentary, than to have a closet bulging with less complimentary clothing. (4)

In summary, it doesn’t make sense to expect clothing made for X shapes to look good on a V, but with a bit of thought and some carefully chosen pieces you can soften your silhouette, either by adding some padding, by wearing clothing with fuller lines through the hips, or simply by adding visual interest on your lower body to take the attention away from your shoulders.

Have a stylish month!