Jun 15

Plus-Size Vintage on Instagram

Over the past year, Instagram has become flooded with small shops devoted to selling vintage and gently-used clothing. But this new wave of online shopping has had one glaring problem: the sizing is limited. While Instagram is now a destination for finding unique pieces without having to actually go to a thrift store, most items offered run under a size 10. But Belen’s Linens wants to change that. Selling clothing specifically dedicated to plus-size women, the store is, as it refers to itself, “vintage for thiccies.”


Belens Linens vintage fashion

The Phoenix-based vintage shop, which opened less than a year ago, styles and photographs its pieces on curvy ladies and indicates sizing in each caption (at the moment, its items run from size 12 to 18). With just 500 followers, Belen’s Linens may not have the reach some of the most popular Insta-shops do (@courtyard_la and @the_corner_store have 117k and 41k followers, respectively), but it is disrupting a space that for so long has been dominated by straight-size women. Because in the same way the fashion industry is not yet properly catering to the 67% of women who are plus-sized, the vintage market still has a lot of work to do. Let’s hope this is the start of a bigger movement on Instagram — and beyond.

Click on to shop some of Belen’s offerings, and throw them a follow for their affordable, on-trend pieces.

Learn more about vintage fashion in the Playroom By-Gone eras and check out Christina Napoli, our Stylish Crossdresser who loves 1950s fashions

May 16

14 Surprising Women’s Clothing Stores That Carry Plus Size

Plus size fashion has always been a shopping challenge, but now it’s a bit easier  for women who wear above a size 14.

plus size dressOver the past several months, many of your favorite mall retailers added inclusive sizing to their clothing racks. Loft now carries bright prints and bold patterns in sizes 16 to 26. The work-wardrobe experts at White House Black Market expanded their sizes up to 24W. Reese Whitherspoon’s clothing brand Draper James partnered with Eloquii to launch a full range of sizes. Even sustainable clothing brand Reformation low-key added a plus-size collection, saying, “Sorry it took us so long.”

It’s been a good year for inclusive fashion. While we still have a ways to go before all of our favorite retailers are curve-friendly (looking at you Everlane), it’s thrilling to see so many clothing options for curvy gals. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of some of the most surprising clothing retailers that now carry plus-size styles.

Below, 14 surprising clothing stores that carry above a size 14:

Source: Huffington Post

Jan 08

Eloquii Expands Its Plus-Size Offering


Eloquii is one of the most fashion forward and contemporary retailers in the plus-size market. I love all their designs and especially their dresses. Now I just need to win the lottery to buy them all.

Eloquii dresses

Eloquii announced today via email and social media that starting in Fall 2018, they will offering all their styles in sizes 26 and 28. But they did not stop there… Eloquii also announced that they will be extending their sizes to 30-32 in the fall as well.

With this said, let’s support Eloquii in its efforts. If they are willing to offer a broader size range, we have to be willing to back them up with our voices and wallet. Spread the word on social media and shop the brand.

So let’s celebrate this, share it on social media and talk about it! Let’s buy some stuff, wear it, slay it and post images to social media with the hashtag #XOQ. Let Eloquii know how they can serve YOU, the customer, better. It’s obvious they are listening.

Apr 02

Target Adds Victoria Beckham Plus-Size Line

Posh new fashion line by Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham plus size line at Target_Victoria Beckham is working on a clothing line for Target that will feature a range of styles in sizes that go to 24. Her current clothing line only goes through size 14, so this will be a change from what Beckham typically produces.

“I want to design for women no matter their budget, age, or size. I want to empower women and girls, and make them feel like the best versions of themselves. The fact that I can offer plus size is really exciting, it’s a first for me, and it’s something important that I’m proud of,” Beckham told Refinery29.

The line for Target will have styles ranging from $6 to $70 and will feature a collection with over 200 pieces. The collection has fashion for women and children, which marks the first time Beckham has designed for kids.

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

As if this all weren’t cool enough, a sneak peak of the line was released with a Target ad featuring one of the Spice Girls most famous hits, “Spice Up Your Life.” Beckham shared the advertisement on her Instagram as well as photo ads for pieces from the collection.

“The Spice Girls were so much about girl power and fun, and there’s an energy that the song brings to the ad; you can’t help but smile and dance,” Beckham continued telling Refinery29.

Much like Beckham’s own personal style, the collection appears chic and sleek with many options in neutral colors. However, she does spice up the looks with pop of colors and floral patterns.

And Target is getting a makeover

The red and white retailer recently announced a new giant leap forward, away from drab, toward fab. According to Target, they’re planning “the company’s most ambitious store re-design to date.” And judging by the concept drawings, it’s going to be awesome.

Revolutionizing the retail game

“Expect lots of flexibility, open sight lines and discovery moments throughout the store,” says Cornell. Target is on its way to being a corporate giant in local hangout place-clothing. In terms of design, it looks like Nordstrom and Ulta and Whole Foods all squeezed onto that little red and white target.The first store to feature the design will open in Richmond, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

Read all the details of this makeover here

Jan 29

Average Size of American Women Increases

average size of american woman increases

The average size of an American woman is now between 16 and 18, according to a new study from the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education. Previously, it was commonly thought that this average size was 14. However, the researchers found that this number increased in the last 10 years.

The research utilized the measurements of more than 5,500 American women who are over 20 years old. The purpose of the study was to determine the current average clothing size of adult American women. Secondary data of average body measurements from the most recently published National Health and Nutritional Examination Surveys were compared to ASTM International industry clothing size standards. Findings suggest that, contrary to popular assumptions, the average American woman’s (AAW’s) clothing size is larger than anticipated. The AAW wears between a Misses size 16–18, which corresponds to a Women’s Plus size 20W, with greater distinctions found when considering race and ethnicity. The study also revealed that over the last two decades the average waist size has increased 2.6 inches, from 34.9 inches to 37.5 inches, with “even greater distinctions found when considering race and ethnicity

Despite these findings, most retailers still consider the sizes above 16 to be “plus size.” As most haven’t really caught up with the evolution of the women’s bodies in America and beyond, for the”‘average woman,” it can be a struggle to shop for clothes.

It is suggested that updating Misses and Plus-size clothing standards should be a major priority.

Apr 04

A New Fashion Line for Lane Bryant

If you haven’t been shopping at Lane Bryant, then you should be. This plus-size retailer is bringing out one new designer line after another and their clothes are both classic and trendy. Finally we plus-size ladies have a retailer that is listening to us.


Designer Collab: Lela Rose for Lane Bryant is the latest addition. The Curvily fashion blog says they ” have swooned over the gorgeous florals and delicate prints of Lela Rose for years” and was positively giddy when Lane Bryant announced their collaboration with her last fall. She attended the preview at the picturesque restaurant The Park, and was happy to discover that the collection is true to Lela Rose’s signature aesthetic – not at all dulled down in the name of arbitrary fashion rules about what plus size women should or should not wear.

Please visit Lane Bryant online through our link and you will not be disappointed in this new fashion line

Feb 25

Modcloth Swimwear is for Women of all Sizes

ModCloth is more than just a company that makes frankly drool-worthy clothes. They’re also a brand committed to representing all women .Check out the new ModCloth swimwear ad campaign, featuring women of all shapes and size

Last summer, ModCloth signed an anti-Photoshop pledge. According to Brit + Co’s Kate Puhala, “ModCloth became the first fashion company to agree to “do our best to not change to shape, size, proportion, color and/or remove/enhance the physical features of the people in our ads in post-production.” Only non-material changes like removing fly-away hairs or brightening the color of a backdrop are acceptable — there’s no nipping, tucking, toning or smoothing of the female form allowed.”

This summer, ModCloth is yet again showing that it wants to represent women of all sizes with its new line of swimwear. Rather than hiring all size zero models, the ModCloth swimwear campaign use its company employees as models. Employees in all shapes and sizes. Check out the awesome ad from their website:

ModCloth customer service advocate Ingrid Taller told Refinery29, “As a larger-size-fat, I have seldom shopped somewhere, especially online, and felt that I had an idea of what an item would look like on me. [It] is a no-holds-barred example of what more of our media needs.”

It is definitely time for the fashion industry to start representing women of all shapes and sizes. Fifty percent of American women wear a size 14 or larger. These women who are ready to see models who look more like them. A survey in PLUS Model Magazine surveyed 1722 women and found that 91.3 percent of respondents wanted to see models size 12 and up.

Meanwhile, the industry definition of plus-size seems to be ever-shrinking. Anthony Higgins – Director at MSA Models tells NY Castings that, “A plus sized model, in the past, was a size 10-12 – up to a size 18 for fashion. Now, they are calling a size 8 plus sized.”

The ModCloth swimwear campaign is a great first step in the fashion industry toward representing all women. From size zero to 14 to 40.

Jul 17

Your “Must Read” Fashion Magazines

Skorch_JanI’m sure you are familiar with the Glamour, Vogue, Lucky, Elle,and InStyle fashion magazines, but if you are a plus-size girl (size 14 and above) and most of us are, then did you know that there are a bunch of online and print plus size magazines??

Fashion, beauty, relationships, sex, plus size news, plus size models, inspiration, body image…whatever you’re looking for these magazines have got you covered. Each magazine has its own style and there’s something for everyone. Subscribe to one or subscribe to them all…most are FREE!

If you are looking for plus size editorials, personal features, news about the plus size industry, who better to tell it than the plus size publications? They do exist and while we do not see them readily on the newsstand, they do exist- and some with print on demand options! I for one love seeing varied options and outlets to cater to the varying plus size woman.

Here’s a little peek into each magazine.

Feb 17

New “Made To Measure” Clothing Line

AbbeyPost is launching a new custom clothing line that is geared towards that customer who loves classic styles and is seeking those styles in better fitting clothing.

Their initial Spring 2014 line will feature 14 classic styles (three of them are shown above), each available in many colors. They also promise that there will be a few surprises that they are not revealing yet. We’re hoping it’s fun prints for those women who love to dress boldly in classic silhouettes.

AbbeyPost will be adding new styles monthly, based on their customers’ feedback, so the customer gets to provide input and be heard. Founder and CEO Cynthia Schames has said that she personally reads every email message and likes to interact with customers.

This new concept in perfect-fitting wardrobe essentials is something that is taking ground with other retailers such as eShakti and CCB Custom Essentials offering custom plus size clothing as well as designers like Ashley Nell Tipton and JIBRI who will customize an item upon request. With the varying body shapes and sizes of the plus size woman plus one of the major complaints from customers being size inconsistencies and cut of an item, custom clothing is very needed in the fashion industry and well worth the investment.

Stay tuned for our article about plus size custom clothing and where to shop, coming soon on the blog.

Nov 07

The UK Leads With Plus-Size Mannequins

Debenhams has become the first high street store to launch plus size mannequins on the shop floor, in a bid to promote female body confidence among shoppers.

The new mannequins, which were trialled three years ago, will be showcased at its flagship store in Oxford Street, London.

The mannequins will appear alongside size 10 dummies on all women’s fashion floors, before being introduced in all 170 of Debenhams’ UK stores.

Size 10 is the standard size for mannequins on the high street, a far cry from the dimensions of the average British woman. Despite this, high street stores are more commonly associated with slender models and clothes draped over slim mannequins.

Debenhams director Ed Watson said: “The average British woman is a size 16, but the high street has been showing their clothing on a mannequin that is three sizes smaller – until now.

“Having worked on this project for three years, we hope that it will help people in some small way to feel comfortable about their bodies and, crucially, that other retailers will follow.”

The move was supported by equalities minister Jo Swinson, who has led a Government drive to promote body confidence among women.

She said images popularised by fashion magazines suggest there is “only one way of being beautiful”, when research highlights that nine in 10 consumers want to see a broader range of body shapes in the media and advertising.

“That’s why the Government has fought hard to challenge our looks-obsessed culture”, she said.

“Recent research found that women are three times more likely to buy clothes when the fashion models are their size, so I hope more retailers will recognise that meeting customer demand for more diversity makes good business sense.”

Debenhams has a history of defying conventional methods of advertising fashion and clothing lines by using a disabled model for the launch of its Principles range, banning airbrushing on swimwear advertising and running a lingerie campaign featuring a model over 50.

Reaction to the introduction of the mannequins has been largely positive and many commended the retailer for recognising and representing women with larger body types, with Verity Brown, a Miss Plus Size International finalist tweeting: “About time too!”. However, some Twitter users argued the models were not representative of the body of a size 16 woman.

Isabella Venour tweeted: “I love the thought behind this but it looks like they’ve just stretched the hips?! I’m size 10 and don’t have legs that thin!”, while Joanna North argued “that mannequin was never a size 16!! Not even a 14. Shame on you #debenhams! If you’re going to do something bold do it right!”

Source:  Independent