Sep 23

Are You Gender Fluid?

gender fluid dressOver the years as I have grown to better understand my need to cross-dress and as I have watched the trans community become mainstream  with the media attention on Laverne Cox, and Caitlyn Jenner, coupled with the success of films like “The Danish Girl” and the Amazon series “Transparent”, I have seen a gulf grow between those of us that are part-time girls and those that are full-time or transitioned.

The media and the transitioning women have largely co-opted the term “transgender” and largely ignored that transgender is defined as gender identity AND gender expression leaving those of us that are not fetish dressers or sissies with a cloak of invisibility. This needs to change if we are to be protected under various new laws designed to prevent discrimination against our community.

Several recent articles address this concept of gender fluidity for cross-dressers (see the links below). I think it warrants our support. There are several closely cropped definitions of gender fluidity but the one that I prefer says Gender Fluidity is when gender expression shifts between masculine and feminine and can be displayed in how we dress, express and describe ourselves.

Here are a few articles that help to explain the concept.

Cross-dressing, Gender Fluidity and Their Relationship

I’m Gender Fluid – This Is What It Means To Me

You may also find this TedX talk in Columbus Ohio of interest