All About Hosiery

all about hosiery

For crossdressers, hosiery is almost an essential, but in the real world of women in the 21st century, hosiery or stockings have become a non-essential item. This section explores not only the history, manufacture, and use of stockings, but why this has come about, what are the exceptions, and can we really wear hose and still be modern and chic.

Then we look at that perennial favorite of all crossdressers, fishnet stockings. They have long held a somewhat controversial place in fashion history. Stereotyped as ‘sexy’, fishnet hosiery is often seen as provocative. I talked about fishnets at length in my 2014 article, Fishnets, Naughty or Nice in TG Forum.

However, the negative connotations of fishnet hosiery betrays its iconic place in fashion history as well as its real potential to be part of a chic or even elegant look Fishnets have become far more acceptable than in they once were, having made their way out of the shadowy darkness of clubs and burlesque shows, and into the bright light of modern urban women’s wear.

So, let’s explore some interesting ramifications about why we do or don’t or should wear hosiery

The History, Manufacture, and Wearing of Hosiery Including over 10 videos on how to wear hosiery

The Death of Hosiery or Why Legs Went Bare

Who Still Wears Pantyhose

How To Style Fishnet Hosiery

Hosiery Terms and FAQs

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