Celebrity Perfumes from Elizabeth Taylor to Lady Gaga

From A History of Celebrity Perfumes in the Grazia Daily (UK)

Once upon a time, the mere whiff of a celebrity-branded scent was enough to have us running for the hills. But now things have changed – and it’s not our olfactory taste. There has been a  transformation for the celebrity market, which now accounts for 40% of the fragrance category.  Scents like Madonna’s Truth or Dare and Lady Gaga’s FAME have been cited as ‘transformer’ fragrances due to greater time investment from their famous faces, outstanding innovation and ingenious bottle design. Quantity has been swapped for quality, and an upgrade in design and direction has been duly noted. As a result, the perfumes in question are racking up unprecedented column inches, transforming the celebrity scent experience and promoting this once dismissed breed into the fashion fragrance league. This infographic explains it all


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