Here are the Services that we offer. Use the drop-down menu for the details of each service

1, How to select and apply makeup

2. How to  select the wardrobe for your personality and body type

3. Your feminine movements and gestures or comportment define you as a lady

4 .Counseling with real life experiences in dealing with trans issues. This is not a substitute for professional Counseling from a trained Counselor but practical experience as a trans women living in the real world.

5.  Photos of your lessons and public outings

6. Shopping includes visits to local shops, stores, and salons to help select your wardrobe and cosmetics

7. Multi-Service Package.   You maybe combine any of the above services in 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour packages

8.  Girls Night Out.  Want to enjoy your new found femininity by being out and about in public in safe places escorted by our femininity coach to help you experience the best of the female world. Your Femininity Coach is there to help you have a fun adventure

9. Group Adventure. Want the fun of a group environment with 3-5 ladies having a socially great time. Watch for our special announcements for these events or let Vikki or Donna know of your interest.

10. Service Partners, currently Voice Feminization and Outfit Portfolio Service